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  • bluelivermore bluelivermore Jun 30, 2005 11:32 PM Flag

    $50 to $60 oil in Texas

    This has to be one of the greatest un-discovered realty plays.
    Texas is starting to boom just like Florida.
    Even if this stock is up 90% in one year
    it still has a long way to run and it just turned up this past year.
    Of course you never know, but Kramer loves oil service stocks and Texas is the oil service capital of the world, not mention O&G exploration and production.
    This can only be good for three companies
    ARL,TCI,and IOT,and there is plenty of Mexicans to buy the older used properties,since Texas is still wide open borders ,by land and by sea to anyone who wants to come in.There has even been a shift to more Texas crossings.
    The perfect storm plenty of cheap labor,plenty of cheap warbucks cash in circulation,and an oil boom worldwide with Dallas and Houston at the center,oil and gas services have never been priced higher ,the only thing lacking is forgein realty investors like in NY ,but the Germans love Texas and I'll bet their doing their homework now with deep pockets.
    This has to be a hidden gem!

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    • Ask people if they paid more or less for their last computer...and whether it was better and more powerful than their previous one. Just one simple example of a "deflationary experience". This one in particular caused primarily by technological advancements.

      Gold may be up over the last three years, but it topped out in 1979-1980 in the $700-$800 an ounce range. Currently it is trding around $440 an ounce. So, by your own definition we have suffered deflation over the last 20-25 years.

      The U.S. was not formed to escape the Romans. And, you don't have to be an Academic to know it. Go to the mall and ask people why the U.S. wanted to escape the Romans and their fascist ways. LOL! That sounds like a gag they might pull on "Candid Camera".

      We don't have a democracy...we have a Republic.

      "I pledge allegiance to the flag and the Republic for which it stands!"

    • Deflation is an acedemic word.I have never met anyone who says they are having a deflation experience,or that prices are deflating.,only people who are backward looking.
      Next time you are at the University Club in your area ask around see if anyone is having a deflationairy experience. Go out on the mall and ask people,are you having a deflationairy experience.They will just look at you like you are crazy.
      The true measure of inflation (deflation) is the price of comodities ,mainly gold the prices of wheat and corn may at or near 40 year lows,but the price of gold is 75% in 3 Years.As the socialists like FDR or JFK one took us off the gold standard and the other took us off the silver stanDARD always realize to late,Gold and silver are real money the rest is just Fiat .
      At this point most people in the US don't even realize they are headed for a Roman slave economy just like Mexico and points south of there.The romans have a multi century plan to take over the US. Remember the US was formed to escape the Romans and their facist ways.If there is one thing Romans can not stands it a democracy.Call it what you want deflation ,inflation the don't care just so the take you down and put the three C's in power crime,corruptrion and cronyism.Mexico is a primary example.

    • LOL is there such thing as a bussel basket?

      I see that even with several posts Blue still can not undersand the difference between such things as your and you're.

      Its one thing to be dumb and illiterate - its quite another to not even care enough to learn our language. Blue if you have kids - please allow them to attend school and if you dont - please dont make any.

      You can't be accepted to take Econ 101 when you havent taken 4th grade 101 - sorry.

    • "econ 101 it ends up taking a bussel basket of money to buy a loaf of bread."

      I believe that every Econ 101 textbook defines inflation as "a rising price level", which can be translated as requiring more money to buy the exact same amount of goods. Or, conversely, your money doesn't buy as much as it used to.

      Isn't that what you have described in your quote above? Or, am I mistaken?

      My confusion stems from the fact that you have in a previous post stated that this same condition is "Known as deflation".

      Inflation CAN be caused by the money supply expanding faster than productivity, resulting in too many dollars chasing too few goods.

      However, if productivity increases at a rate that is comparable to the rate of growth in the money supply you will continue to have a stable price environment. Therefore, it is possible to have a growing money supply and have little or no inflationary impact.

      Inflation as measured by the CPI is considered by almost all economists to have been kept fairly well in check in the last several years, and is expected to remain so at least into the immediate future.

      Also, I believe that the dollar has turned around in recent months and has actually appreciated in value relative to most other major world currencies.

      Please illuminate me as to the error of my ways so that I might impart such wisdom to the students that I have tutored in college for more than a decade on such matters.

      Thanks for your help!

    • So far all you have proved to us is your a small,petty,unhappy ,bragger with a thin skin who has not been to court or in a prison lately in TX,and drives a Chevy ,who doesn't read the newspaper or FBI statistics, or the judicial reveiws of your area,
      Here is some other fun facts you have revealed about yourself,filthy little coastal town in the middle of nowhere,your patronisinly arogant towards people you feel superior to ie the mexicans who work across from your office.Your holding on to your paralegal job with both hands so tight your strangling your self and you are insulting,abusive and just no fun to be around. Your realitives and anyone you work with coluld probably add stuff like alcholism, sex and drug addiction to the list,you sound so like a scarred little mommy boy.Honk that Chevy horn some more big shot in a town like that delusion is probably easy to come by.How about some stock analysis(ha) instead of a grammar lesson and insults.
      The way I got this board was trading through IOT 3 for 1 split 21 to 33 equivalent in 30 days. Do you actually own this stock?
      Oh,I,forgot your to proud to answer a direct question, and as they always say pride comes before a fall.How about a little humility answer a direct question .

    • econ 101
      That would be true if the money supply were declining along with wages,but the money supply is expanding,so it ends up taking a bussel basket of money to buy a loaf of bread.
      The Paul Volker lesson late 70's early 80's,money supply had to be tightened so wages and prices could come in to balance.
      What do you think causes dollar weakness?or presistent peso weakness.

    • Its always the bottom rung of society who looks for someone else to pick on. Here blue - so named because some undocumented alien took his job as a result of Blue not getting one word spelled correctly on his Burger King application- blames Mexicans for his problems.

      When someone is totally illiterate and can't converse in his native language- then I rarely pay attention when he discusses any other subject- its going to be WAY over his head.

    • Thats over-genralization. Texas does not depend on oil as it used to. Many parts of Texas are losing population. IN the cities where these companies operate some parts are thriving others are in decline.

      Austin, the capital is stagnant.

      Rockport and many of the coastal towns are doing especially well - no thanks to oil - however these companies arent represented here.

      Anyway blue that post is quite superficial in its analysis and my law office is still getting plenty of calls for bankruptcies - which I dont do.

      • 1 Reply to Fish2026
      • Actually if you did your homework and looked at the locations where ARL,TCI and IOT proprerties are at you would find your right they are not inthe goverment bimbo towns or locations you mentioned.Your right big government towns lag the general economy because their pay scales are based on flawed inflation figures. As a alleged lawyer you would understand plus or minus 15% as all government figures are based on , that means if the numbers on inflation are wrong that the numbers could be off by 30% easily to the low side.
        Basic college statistics.
        In Phoneix and Tuscon and Elpaso the city.state and county workers over 50% are on welfare.
        OIL towns and up scale city developments are what these companies work on. They are not building section 8 housing or solicting government tenants.
        Rember Texas was the last state in the union to outlaw payment of script to workers,and you face deflation in the form of lower and lower wage competion in goverment and rural areas just like Arizona.
        UNTIL TEXAS gets a compehensive imagratoin policy like Austrailia,who faces an onslaught of dirt poor southeast asians,
        Texas outside oil ares or high tech areas will suffer you are .Bankruptcies are just a sign that some deflationary pressure is pricing people,places or things out of the market.
        When will you people wise up and start handing out rewards for illegals,just like Austraila,remember all that illegal anarchy in the early part of the 20th century led to unions governing labor.People who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.
        If your still investing in the anarchy zones in Texas maybe you should get out now.Maybe the mexican crime wave just has not come to your house or office yet ,but it is as you say all around you in the form of bankruptcies that keep calling you.

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