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  • Fish2026 Fish2026 Aug 14, 2006 1:04 AM Flag

    jaarc - delisting

    I notice that even last year you were writing threads "Delisting imminent"

    You continue to mention it now.

    Do you have any evidence at all that delisting is being considered? IF you wrote delisting was imminent last year and had a clue - wouldnt they already be delisted?

    Im certainly not defending the mgmt of this company- they will need attorneys for that lol but Im basicallly wondering if you can back up this constant claim youve been making.

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    • I have pasted the link to the "continued listing standards" for the NYSE down below. I'll let you read for yourself what is's fairly long and involved.

      It seems to me that we are getting pretty close to slipping below some of the minimum requirements.

      One specific concern of mine...ARL traded 600 shares today. Compared to recent activity, that is a really big volume day (check Yahoo key statistics).

      Also, what purpose has it served for this stock to be listed on the NYSE? Institutional ownership is a paltry 1.3%...mostly index funds.

      Owning just 500 shares would put you right up there with the last of the listed largest mutual fund owners.

      Has it been worth the fees involved (which could be in the tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of dollars per year)?

      Somehow I don't think their cost of capital has been reduced because of it, especially since most of their transactions are incestuous in nature..."at rates just as good as we could have gotten anywhere"...OK, I'd prefer anywhere...anywhere else!

      I'd really like to see more arms-length transactions from these people...whoever they the moment...before they resign.

      Just how have we, as shareholders, benefitted from being NYSE listed, anyhow?

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