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  • acr331 acr331 Dec 21, 2007 11:16 AM Flag


    Any hints at why the activity and movement?

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    • i am new to this stock and this board, but i don't think an 8x increase in volume is a big deal with this stock since the volume is usually so low... 32k shares out of 10.47m trade today and it shows up on some lists on account of 'high volume'. technicals look strong, but not sure if I will be trading this or not. my 2 cents.

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      • If what you say is true, and I have no reason to doubt it we should begin a petition on the DOJ to investigate this scam. They'll check to see if the compensation to this inside group is reasonable and have the SEC check for possible insider manipulation regardless of where it takes them.

      • Just some friendly advice...only invest money in this stock that you never expect to see again.

        Management has absolute control and could care less about the few remaining average stockholders.

        I questioned management earlier this year about a MASSIVE volume spike (Look at a chart for the last year...over 400,000 shares in one day!) and it seemed to me that their response was vetted by a law firm.

        Of course, it told me absolutely nothing of any use.

        Most of the stock in ARL is owned by the property management company (whom we pay well for their "services")...and most of the stock of the management company is owned by a Trust set up for the benefit of Gene Philip's (Indicted...but never convicted!) children.

        It is a massive "Value Trap" in the sense that there is value there...but WE will never see it.

        They just keep milking this thing until there will ultimately be nothing left for anyone else.

        (You should also check out the "Treasury Stock" post I made a month or two ago.)

        Consider yourself forewarned!

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