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  • cygnus2005x1 cygnus2005x1 Mar 17, 2010 11:48 PM Flag

    No it's not time to buy

    It's time to hold on a little longer and see if it can run further if your already in and if your not in, wait to see what happens. ARL has had a little run up from $8.5 to $11.28 (33%) but that does not mean it's going to continue. You'll notice ARL has moved higher with the sector so you have (or had) momentum in your favor but right now the price movement and related indicators are saying it's time to step back and see what happens next. Most likely given today's action, anytime between now and Friday would be a good time to take profits and lock them in. If ARL continues to surge next week you can always re-enter.

    Chart Link:

    Right now, RSI is at 69 which is not an extreme level but it can only go so far and looking at the past 7 months it looks like 80 is about the highest you can expect for ARL. Also, your Slow Stochastic is at the top level %K 95 %D 84 thus this is telling you a pullback, or correction can begin at any time. You typically want the Slow Stochastic (%K & %D) just crossing over the 20.0 Line to buy and have them drop below the 80 Line to sell short. The Price itself is outside the Upper Bollinger Band which historically ARL does not maintain this level for vary long so again a correction or pull back is more likely in order.

    Finally, the MACD is just now approaching the zero line indicating the stock may have initiated a new trend with this move but again, be patient a little time will allow you to see what is just over the horizion. I am not all familiar with the ARL the company but from what I do see the company is still losing money according to Yahoo and you can see what happened after the last run up - a long and slow decline.

    Good Luck

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