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  • YahooFinance YahooFinance Nov 26, 1997 2:50 AM Flag


    This is the Yahoo! Message Board about American Realty Trust (NYSE: ARB), where you can discuss the future prospects of the company and share information about it with others. This board is not connected in any way with the company, and any messages are solely the opinion and responsibility of the poster.

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    • The truth is that there is substantial historic
      evidence that stocks of the non-giant companies ... stocks
      not pursued by institutions ... and stocks not
      covered by a large number of analysts out perform the

    • We are doing research on promising companies.
      Last year our portfolio growed 1300%

    • << Does anyone have any specific
      information on how these indictments will affect the assets
      and liabilities of ARB TCI IOT etc?

      Well, the tenants don't much care who owns the
      properties so the revenues should be secure. There won't be
      a lot of new construction triggered by competitors
      sensing weakness. Real estate taxes and utility bills
      will be unaffected y the gys with the badges putting
      an ankle bracelet on a few key execs. It would seem
      that if Basic Capital's high management fees were
      removed, there would be more free NOI for investors.

      There is some risk to the possibility that management
      will neglect the properties but if that takes a year
      it shouldn't damage the assets too much.

      worry I would have is that there will almost certainly
      be a huge mess of lawsuits. There may possibly be
      some sort of corporate culpability on the SEC charges,
      and I do not know how to evaluate that.

      will undoubtably be floods of lawyers who will see the
      likeliood that the breakup value is a substantial multiple
      of the present stock price.

      If I could get a
      fix on the potential SEC/Justice liabilities, and if
      I thought this would all be resolved by this time
      next year, I'd think there's probably a big potential
      for gain.

      Maybe someone else has an idea about
      those variables?

    • HI i think you are one of the many wo emailed me.

      I Have posts on tci and nlp board and hope the us
      attys office or sec along with his plea which is likely
      will do something to keep Philips et al out of
      securities business.

      Anyway- there are 7-8 larger
      shareholders who have written me

      Steve Fischer

      If we are all united there may be opportunities

    • Go to SEC section and find the proxy statement
      for the ARB/NLP merger. It gives a detailed analysis
      of what the properties of each are worth...a whole
      lot more than what the stock is selling for ..thats
      why they & Phillips continue to buy the
      stock.Everyone knows Phillips business history..but the real
      estate and assets are worth what they are worth. Look at
      TCI,IOT,NLP all selling for a fraction of what they are
      worth..Just do your homework folks.

    • If you think you have compensation coming you are even stupider than your silly posts portray you.

    • I guess your post just goes to show how stupid you are.

    • I am and have been a shareholder of both TCI and
      ARB for a number of years and have followed the
      stocks and the workings of BCM and Phillips. Despite my
      concern with the control of Phillips and his past history
      of questionable practices, I purchased the stock
      based upon a detailed analysis of the underlying assets
      of the companies, which are and have been very
      conservatively valued. Over the years, I have watched the
      earnings of the companies resulting from the sale of asset
      diverted to Phillips through BCM using a variety of
      mechanisms including advisory fees, commission fees and
      stock purchases. Phillips has manipulated the
      cross-ownership of the companies to allow him to have total
      control of the companies without actually owning a
      majority of the equity. The fact that Phillips has now
      been indicted indicates to me that my suspicions of
      fraudulent manipulation are well founded.

      I believe
      that the indictment of Phillips afford us, the
      minority shareholders, the opportunity to effectively come
      together to remove Phillips and those associated with him
      and to obtain compensation for past

      While I am generally against shareholder suits, which
      are often tantamount to suing yourself, I believe in
      this case that legal action is appropriate. I believe
      that shareholders should demand that the board of
      directors of ARB and TCI sue BCM and Phillips on behalf of
      all owners of these corporations. I would be
      interested in joining with others in pursuing this matter in
      whatever form is most appropriate. I would be interested
      in plans or thoughts that others may have.

    • my_farts_burn_coming_out_my_butt my_farts_burn_coming_out_my_butt Jun 16, 2000 3:55 PM Flag

      answer here. Your question itself is not very
      intelligent. Current assets and liabilities are accounting
      measurements. What
      do you think happens, someone gets
      indicted and the company accountant credits indictments
      payable and debits prepaid
      indictments. Please do not
      post about things you are ignorant about you are just
      wasting everyone elses time.

    • Steve, just sent you an e-mail message.

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