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  • kev_otto kev_otto Jun 19, 2011 10:27 PM Flag

    Dupont and Imprellis...what's going to happen???

    Dupont came out with a weed control this spring touted as liquid gold... unfortunately they did not test this product correctly before selling it to the general public. A close friend of mine has used this product and this product is killing conifer trees, Norway Spruce and White Spruce. My question to this group... Lets say hypothetically Dupont is handed a class action lawsuit (to this day they have not admitted guilt, but nationwide conifers are dying everywhere)that costs them billions of dollars, does their insurance company cover neglect or does Dupont have to flip the bill.

    You may ask how I come to the number "billions of dollars", i'll try to explain. Customer has a 30' tall Norway Spruce tree that is dead due to imprellis. How do you value that tree? You cant transplant a 30' tree so you get the biggest one you can find...lets say 10' for this example. Cost of removing 30' tree, roots and all probably $500, installation of new tree that's 10' tall $400. $100 for grading and planting new grass seed where original canopy existed. That's about $1,000 per tree. My friend is a small company with 2500 lawn care customers. His total trees that are infected is topping 500 right now. Lets take a golf course in my area that switched to imprellis for their weed control this spring, their total of Norway Spruce trees that are dying is 300+ on 1 golf course. Just these 2 little places in the United States will total $800,000 for replacing the trees this chemical has killed.

    A few links

    Big question... if Dupont has to pay, would this hurt this company? Im thinking about selling this company short starting Monday morning. Im not sure if billions hurts Dupont, it sure cant help.

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