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  • canoliboy canoliboy Feb 25, 1998 10:26 PM Flag

    Enter the profit-takers... time to Go Sh

    I agree buynsell_98, it is time to to GO SHORT!

    You can only run up a stock for so long before those momentum folks show up. Besides with resistance at 20, the momentum boys will be spooked and begin selling... good call!

    I'll see you at 16!

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    • Go to Silicon Investor and search for a thread called Lucky's Shorts.Click on one of his old posts and then send him a private message or I believe some of his posts from january show his e-mail address.He doesn't post often at SI anymore as too many people followed his plays.He now offers an e-mail service at a cost of $600/mth.Well worth it.Hey this play alone paid for 8 months worth.

    • What is the service number if they have one. Is it SI then enter Lucky?

    • This is the first that i e ver heard of this stock.The service i use for shorts is run by a guy that posted over at SI under the name of Lucky at a place called Lucky's Shorts thread.
      Check his record.Awesome.
      EPIQ is crashing as i type.

    • The way I read "Buynsell" message about being short is he is just preturbed because he probably sold out in early January at 10.00 and missed the quick double.

      But please remember profits until you actually sell.

      I sold 1/3 of my position at 17 1/4. I was in at 9 5/8.

      I don't get too greedy when a stock runs up so fast in such a short time. Maybe will let another 1/3 go between 19 - 21....and then hold my last 1/3.

      If the stock corrects to the 14 - 17 level, I can get back in if I still feel it has potential.

      Good Luck all....Privy

    • canoliboy,

      Please go short EPIQ. I hope many people fall for this sucker short, afterall how much higher can it go? Then as it continues to rise the sucker shorts will have to cover, hopefully causing a beautiful short squeeze as they scramble to buy shares. That would be a dream come true.

      Also, it is not at all clear that there is resistance at 20. Only if the price repeatedly fails to break through 20 could resistance be reasonably claimed.


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      • The only suckers out there are the boys that think that this stock can keep going up without hitting resistance, and without the profit-takers showing up IN FORCE! You boys are in for a rude awakening!

        Long-term... this stock is a great call, but short-term you are dead wrong!

        I'm short... see you at $15!

        The carnage has begun...

      • It is obvious we are at the roof now.All we hear are people talking about selling now and nobody is mentioning buying at this level.Besides round figures like 20 are resistance levels for all stocks especially one that was recently 10.Also is that 7 consecutive up days?Sounds like many have their eye on getting 20 and hitting the exit.
        Actually I hope we go to 25 so I can short more for an even bigger gain.Higher she goes the harder she falls.Anyone want to buy some stock from me at 25?I dare you.

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