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  • dgaron2 dgaron2 Apr 17, 2012 12:39 PM Flag

    How about that, Scumbags

    How do yo like your LEE now. One thing I know about it phoney CEO's. The two big losses I took in my life were because of subhuman and idiot CEO's, so I know all about it.

    I told you slobs for quite a while that this CEO is bleeding you dry. You deserve it. He pitiful positive spin is a joke.

    Lee Enterprises Inc., publisher of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch , today reported a loss of $26.6 million on total operating revenue of $172.3 million for its fiscal second quarter ended March 25.

    Now here comes the Puffmaster general with her pathetic spin.

    “Digital advertising revenue again exhibited strong growth, up nearly 10 percent, the ninth consecutive quarter of growth in this category,” Chairman and CEO Mary Junck said in a statement. She said the company’s pay for digital content initiative is on track to have most enterprises operating paid sites by the end of this year, with 10 more launched this summer. ..

    Only a psychopath would talk like this. Digital advertising is new to them, and it should be going up. If you had a hotdog stand and you started selling hamburgers, as well, you would see increases in hamburger sales, for Christ's sake, but there are only so many people who can eat.

    She neglects to mention that the much more material number is total advertising sales, and those numbers certainly are not up 10 percent.

    She does this EVERY TIME. I have watched this for 3 years now. Her modus operandi is the same. And that is to build up hopes, disappoint, and then come with here idiot spin.

    You desreve what you got today. I know a loser CEO when I see one.

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    • I'm sorry you're a loser but what does that have to do with the prospects for Lee?? Everyone knows Lee has had a hard time in the past. The question is whether there is enough future cash flow to make this a good investment at the current low price.

    • Whatever, PIG!

    • And this is NOT sour grapes. I made over 30K on this disgrace of a company in the summer of 2009.

      I saw how they operated and got out. There is nothing worse on the planet than nonsense fluff from management.

      LEE, and this stupid CEO, do it all the time. You should buy a real company like KIDEQ. This company is so real that after winning a trial recently and getting an 8 million settlement, which is greater than the market cap, they didn't even announce that they got 8 million!

      Now, that is the type of company you want. One where insiders own a ton, and don't want others to buy. Reminds me of Deidrich Coffee in 2009....went from 20 cents to $35 in one year, and insiders owned 35 percent of the shares.

      LEE is the exact opposite. They practically beg people to buy. If the business model was any good, they would have enough cash flow to buy tons of shares in a buyback program. They would actually encourage a low price, so they could buy more shares and reward those who held.

      God you are dumb.

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