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  • ps56k ps56k Jul 22, 2008 7:02 PM Flag

    tender offer @

    just received this notice in my Scwab account
    Activision Blizzard, Inc. is offering to purchase up to 146,500,000 shares (representing approximately 22% of the outstanding shares) of its common stock. The purchase price is $27.50 per share. If more than 146,500,000 shares are submitted for tender, the company will purchase shares on a pro rata basis.
    why would anyone "tender" now with the market price @ $37 ?

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    • Someday I'll explain the concept of satire to your company executive self. If you really want to know who Abu is, watch the Simpsons. Oh, that's right, they're racist too.

      I see you created a new friend to help with your ratings. You really are one pathetic moron.

    • <Abu says he wants you to bring the cash register back>

      Sorry, I still don’t get the name reference (Abu) but evidently besides being a bully, you’re a tad of a racist. Wow, what a surprise.

    • About that early retirement, Abu says he wants you to bring the cash register back
      or he'll have to press charges.

    • <I went long for good in early '05>

      Thanks for your recap of this period, I also was long during this timeframe, I considered the big 4 & gme all positioned to benefit. Looking back I was naive and had a portfolio that was about 70% geared towards the vg industry; some nervous periods during that time. I was lucky enough to have some long investment and trading accounts that I road up during the m&a activity. I really count my blessings daily that I lucked into this sector in the late 90’s it allowed for an early retirement. I tell my wife I feel guilty that we don’t own a video game player; we had the old Nintendo NES (circa 1987).

      <but since he felt burned by ATVI then he reacted the way he did>

      I never did get his venomous rants; he really turned out to be the king of the flip floppers.

      Thanks for the history info, pretty neat stuff.

    • Thanks Cuddles, but I think I'll pass. After your in depth analysis of stock splits yesterday (maybe you should change your name to numerical_savant), I am in awe of your mathematical skills. I humbly await the beginning of your next infomercial, How To Buy Low and Sell High,
      where, once again, you display your command of the painfully obvious.
      Guess you'll have to find someone else to be your new best friend.

    • Yeah, I do remember him criticizing the move but timing is everything and a bit of a gamble. I had no position during a nice run in ’04 so I went long for good in early '05. I think we acquired GH AFTER he turned on ATVI because of the Cramer run-up and pullback. That is what I meant by taking everything with a grain of salt. IMO if he still liked ATVI at the time then he probably would have been touting GH, but since he felt burned by ATVI then he reacted the way he did.

      Regardless of someone's sentiment or tone, if what they post is fact then you can use it. If what they post is opinion but there is enough supporting evidence then you can easily adjust his/her assumptions to suit your needs and still use that info.

    • <I thought you were asking me to be your mentor.>

      In my experience the mentor usually turns out to be the predator.

      Now that was a semi-nice and civilized posting, a tad sarcastic but no name calling. I think we’ve made a major breakthrough today with your socialization treatment. I’m sending a big wooly bully hug to my new best friend, lets double date, go to Pamplona and run with the bulls.

    • I'm sorry, were you attempting to bully me? I thought you were asking me to be your mentor.

    • <His timing on the sale could not have been worse. He posts on Dorkarena now which makes me question his credibility when he posted here.>

      I’m certain we’ve all had timing issues in this game, but my, how perfect and judgmental we are. Ever a kind word from you, throw us a bone someday Mr. Warm & Fuzzy. The typical *greasy weasel in a trap syndrome, how does it feel when the bully gets bullied.

      On a happier note from a kinder poster from yesterday…………..

      <I forgot the name of the ATVI poster that was extremely rude but posted a bunch of #'s.>

      He was the king of calibration, lots of figures that made my head spin. I’m sure he must have been a successful trader but all the numbers… I remember him best for his criticism of atvi buying the GH brand and what a total waste of money it was. I don’t think any of us saw the huge upside & branding with that wise purchase. I believe he’s investing in tk2 these days.


    • He said he was long ATVI but he always rated TTWO higher. History has not been kind to him. His timing on the sale could not have been worse. He posts on Dorkarena now which makes me question his credibility when he posted here.

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