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  • vlahosa2000 vlahosa2000 Sep 15, 2008 9:05 PM Flag

    Analyst's Estimates - Before CC

    any news from the special analyst's meeting????

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    • i haven't seen any press or anything about this "special conference"

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      • The CC was from 4:15-7:00pm EST last night, and should be available for replay at

        However, the call quality was pretty horrible. They played numerous videos during the conference, which for some reason were blocked on the call and replaced with background music, similar to what you'd hear when waiting for the call to begin. That was beyond annoying.

        Before you make plans to listen in, please note that over one hour was devoted to interviews with Universal Music COO Zach Horowitz and writer Walter Parkes (screenplay for War Games - a kick ass movie from 1983, but not what I would call topical), who discussed their views of the future.

        Horowitz sees new ways to monetize music by using Guitar Hero as a medium. He also noted that for the 13 weeks following the release of a GH game, there has been an average iTunes sales increase for the in-game tracks of 200-300%, with Weezer's "My Name is Jonas" increasing 1,000%.

        Parkes sees the future of video games revolving around next gen hardware's ability to render real-time facial features - thus allowing the player a more emotional attachment to the game, and providing players a chance to "read" facial features of Mobs to sense if they are truthful.

        And that cost me an hour of my life.

        Mike Griffiths, CEO of Activision publishing came one to discuss the new franchise development and introduce WotLK, Bond, CoD and GH:WT. Provided that you're current on these titles, I don't believe there was a whole lot of new information.

        Per Mike, there are scheduled to be 70 sku's in CY2009 in 15 different IPs, including a doubling of GH releases. Again, nothing ground breaking here as they all have been discussed previously.

        Bobby's comments during the first 20 minutes of the call would actually be worth listening to again. He discussed the operating margins for CY2008 and beyond, setting their long-term goals at 30%. He discussed AB's combined market share of global games software (12%) and video games small slice of overall global entertainment (I believe this was 3%).

        Bobby also noted that Steven Tyler, Joe Perry, Brad Whitford, Tom Hamilton and Joey Kramer of Aerosmith profited more from their GH game then from ANY previous album release in the band's 37 year career. That is scary.

        All in all, for the amount of new information released, it was certainly not worth listening to.

        Seekingalpha might release the CC transcript in a few days, check for it here:

        Hope that helps,


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