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  • dontworrybehuppy dontworrybehuppy Nov 14, 2008 4:03 PM Flag

    Well fuck me, we're back at 10.50

    .. after closing at 12.5 yesterday. Expected some profit taking... but 15%? Don't tell me some dude giving a neutral rating is worth cutting down 1B$ in market cap in one day. I guess we'll test support for the 1000th time.

    Or is it simply EVERYONE is range-trading more and more so this thing will just cycle from 10.5 to 12.5 faster and faster until we hit both targets a couple times a day?

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    • dontworry,

      Yeah, even I think that HUGE gap down was just crazy, and you know I have no problem shorting ATVI every time it hit $12.50 as a trade. My plan was to short after the open as of last night, but waking up and seeing that gap changed that plan. Also scared me out of my usual long at $10.50 position. Longs got the shaft here, as I don't know how you can come out and say "Guitar Hero sales slow in October compared to last year" when you're basing sales data on only 6 days of the month. It really just goes back to ATVI being lumped in with every other company that is similar.

      If this opens on Monday under $10.50, or breaks there, I think it's gonna get ugly. That gap maybe have messed with the recent trading range, just going to have to wait and see if/when this makes a new top and bottom.

      Honestly though, your idea of it just running up and down from $10.50-12.50 everyday would be damn awesome! Then we'd all be making easy money! :)

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      • Exactly. Blizzard is the one turning every game release into Phone contract. Make you pay monthly fee. That's how they accumulate $2 bil cash as a gaming company.

        I bet it's Blizzard's idea to charge monthly fee for Guitar Hero online services.

        Activision Blizzard wins at quality unlike ERTS trying to overflow the market with mass production.

        Gamers are picky when there are so much game out there and they all cost the same. So Quality > Quantity.

    • This stock is so overvalued it's ridiculous. $8 would be fair, $9 generous. The market is working to correct that.

      Activision is the next EA - churning out recycled product year after year until the consumer doesn't care anymore.

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