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  • daytradejoe daytradejoe Nov 14, 2008 4:43 PM Flag

    Well fuck me, we're back at 10.50

    Exactly. Blizzard is the one turning every game release into Phone contract. Make you pay monthly fee. That's how they accumulate $2 bil cash as a gaming company.

    I bet it's Blizzard's idea to charge monthly fee for Guitar Hero online services.

    Activision Blizzard wins at quality unlike ERTS trying to overflow the market with mass production.

    Gamers are picky when there are so much game out there and they all cost the same. So Quality > Quantity.

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    • Yea Jam... I agree

      But, what about how the S&P index blew past the october lows and dropped 20 points lower than the previous lows of OCT, on thursday... that didn't look healthy. The rally was on light volume and was fluffed up, looked completely bogus, made a decent opportunity for a new short position. Then we got friday's lower open (expected), gradually sink to -300 plus on the dow (expected) and then gradually we shift back up and gain all of it back and even go green for a bit (expected a bounce, but not that large), but in the end, just to have it all give back the last 20 minutes as the market puked its brains out, that's a bad sign imo. So in result now we have ATVI trading near its lows we hit on thursday when we retested, was @ 10.56 low i beleive. But the markets still kept 200 plus points of that rally and we are still @ the same price level of thursday lows. As attractive as these prices look for a buy opportunity, i sold my intra day trade AH and will wait to see what monday brings (haha, maybe ur right, can i take a dam break???, lol) . Heck, if we do rally I can't wait to short some of these overpriced stocks (not meaning ATVI, but if hits back to the high 12's, definately possible)
      there is nothing else to do but trade this system if you playing it everyday

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