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  • frogman2frog frogman2frog Feb 14, 2010 3:18 AM Flag

    and 2 reasons to hate, sell, and watch atvi fall

    1. COD is 50% of profits. we have seen this play out before and its never pretty. when a game company gets 1 or 2 big hits they fall hard once those hits fall and they always do.

    2. WOW is the other 50% of profits. it also has peaked. management wont release sub numbers. even phone companies release sub numbers. atvi is hiding the fact that WOW peaked. a new release of content is nice but wont change the fact that games are by definition fads.

    i dont care what that idiot who loves atvi says. i dont need 10 reasons to hate atvi. i just need 2.

    both COD and WOW have STALLED by ATVI's own conference call admittance.


    Sales and Profits are falling year after year now.

    Sorry. Not worth $13 billion.

    Lastly, imagine how badly activision would be doing today had it not sold itself to the FRENCH who own Blizzard.



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    • i agree
      pass it on

    • sissy says atvi falls to $8.20

    • this is a 5 dollars stock

      • 1 Reply to detlab2000
      • What a moron. This stock can't lose. Every release is timed perfectly to get the maximum sales without cutting into it's next release, that is how the industry works and ATVI is on top. SC2 will be the biggest release of all time. The WOW movie is just the beginning, to be followed by a Starcraft and Diablo movies with a whole new digital style that will revolutionize the film industry kind of like Pixar did.

        And if that wasn't enough this company has unlimited cash without a whole lot to do with it, but screw over people like frogman with stock buyback, good luck

    • Your an idiot frogman. Your puts are done you guessed wrong and atvi is going up.
      Stalled??? What for the next 6 months then Warcraft will be bigger then before. And you think COD has peaked ha.
      You fail to mention movie rights, new mmo from blizzard, Starcraft, diablo, guitar hero, Tony hawk, plus you don't think new titles they are coming out with will be the big hit like singularity? Atvi Is the only video game company with dividends.
      this years line up will be more profitable then last. How old are you to not understand and bet agaisnt blizzard?

      Oh And your 50/50 profit ratio is way off but what do you want from a company 5% from each game? Then that means they have no home run games. Just avg. (cough cough EA) most companys just want 1 homerun game and we have 5 current/near future homerun games. And countless old ones to prove record.

    • If your arguing that ATVI is not growing but stabilized then I can argue that ATVI is doing better than ERTS (which is losing market share and failed to meet guigance). Guess what ERTS is trading at $16 so I guess I'll see you at $16 frog man.

      Why should we sell when WOW brings a daily dose of $$$$ into ATVI unlike other gaming companies. COD was the best selling game ever and as I pointed out before a new COD is being launched this holiday season.

      DOn't forget SC2 and the launch of Diablo 3, and the launch of WOW Cataclysm are the next growth engines for this company. See you frogman at $16.

    • ATVI does not equal COD:Modern Warfare 2

      and WoW subscriptions will likely continue to grow after (1)the economic situation improves, (2)WoW: Wrath of the Lich King is released in China, and (3) WoW: Cataclysm is released in 2010.

      And Starcraft II doesn't fit in your equation there either.

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