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  • ryanshesan ryanshesan Jul 26, 2010 10:27 AM Flag

    800,000 head start in US only.

    800,000 pre-sold in US. No telling for the rest of the world. This could get crazy

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    • True, video games are a release from the hardships of the real world. Plus, less working hours = more SC2 gaming hours...

    • I still think this is going to be low. One of the biggest differences between PC and console releases is that, if a console release runs out at your local retailers, you're having to wait and order online.

      Everybody who wants to buy starcraft 2 knows that it's being released digitally online, and Blizzard is notorious for delivering entire pallet of game boxes to retailers so shortage is unlikely. People used to Blizzard releases already know that pre-orders are generally unnecessary.

      Quite a few people who has kids now have been out of games for a long time are getting back in because of Starcraft. Just a nostalgia factor alone is pretty big. On top of it all, there hasn't been a world stomping RTS for a long time, this generation is ready for one.

    • Don't forget the digital direct download via bnet sales =) Many blizz fans do direct sales imo =)

    • me being 22, or 45 or 104 as your profile states, has nothing to do with what i posted, nor does the fact that I said that if you look at their balance sheet, they have nearly no assets entirely goodwill, hence the 24billion market cap your buying into at $12, is for 8billion goodwill (worthless) and 20 years of WoW profits.

      To say this stock is cheap is ignorant, i simply state that $10 is what people are paying for WoW profits, justifiably so.

      Starcraft is another diablo, maybe a bit more potential due to the media not having anything else to write about.

      Either way, the stock is expensive, and I think it will get up to $14 or $15 but we are pricing in perfection and continued WoW growth to 15mil+ subscribers at these prices.

      So if you feel comfortable holding at 'perfection' so be it, but the street is pricing in perfection and a blockbuster starcraft which will likely fall VERY short after the initial sales, real time strategy games are boring and dull.

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      • Your age has to do with your naivety, immaturity, and lack of experience. Sure there are mature young people, and pretty dump old people, but in general the trend goes up with age. Its nice to see kids like you interested in finance, and whatnot. Keep up your enthusiasm and don't let these geezers keep you from one day learning how to invest and analyze companies.


      • Umm, I for one love RTS games; however, your view that they are terrible is your opinion. Analyze the numbers and extrapolate. Korea alone has the potential to carry 2M or 3M worth of title sales in its differentiated form of release (pay by the hour and WoW account linkage). We already have 800k Us. Take half that for a conservative estimate for rest of world but not Korea. Thats 1.2M pre-ordered. In case you haven't been following the current video game sales trend, best of breed games with buzz are still selling like gangbusters. Take a look at Red Dead, a high quality game with alot of buzz. Has at least 5M in sales. Also realize that video game penetration levels are much higher than years past.

    • that's nearing Halo 3 numbers...

    • Here is the problem with your very uneducated prediction. You predict that the stock is going to shoot up, which should happen as sales from SC continue to pour in, but you expect the stock to drop to below pre SCII levels. This is quite possible if Blizzard takes the mountain of cash, they receive from the sales, and burn them, or issue a large one time dividend of 3-4$. You also says Warcraft keeps this stock at $10 alone. So basically you have said that ATVI has WC, which keeps the stock at 10, then they have a game, which will be all hype, run the stock up to 13-14, and then just drop to 10. My question to you is, what is the company doing with all their other games that are driving profit. I know a lot of these are going into Kotick's stock options, but you have some serious explaining to do. As is you come across as a 22 year old gamer trying to learn how to invest.

    • likely lol

    • yes its probably going to sell 4mil titles within a month or so, then they will all stop playing once they realize the trailer is so awesome and the chess themed real time strategy game sucks, and they'll throw it out like age of empires and other stupid strategy games and start playing MMO fantasy again like WoW.

      but you'll find that out after the initial pop in demand, it will be dead and stagnant.

      they shouldve made starcraft into a MMO fantasy not a 12 year old rebooted shooter game that rivaled aol games back in the day. YAWN.

      i like blizz they rock, but dont be delusional, this game will sell at first due to the media pumpage then die.

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