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  • some_one_speaking some_one_speaking Jul 28, 2010 7:14 AM Flag

    Low ratings on Amazon

    World Wide Ratings for Starcraft 2 have been unfashionably low for Blizzard games. (2/5 on Germany's site, 3/5 on the US.)
    One would think something this Hyped up would have 5/5 or 4/5 star rating at worse on LAUNCH DAY.

    The ratings are pretty polarized.

    There are more negative than positive.

    There is a significant group of long-term Blizzard customers where they feel they have been cheated by getting what seems to be an incomplete product, lacking originality and the features that made the series a hit to begin with. (lan parties) There are also concerns of the "always online" model and RealID and inability to have multiple characters per game. A number of these complaints came from people that were involved in the Beta.

    The positive group enjoys the updated graphics and has no problem forking over the $60+ 3 times for the complete game. Siting the updated graphics and good number of campaign missions included. They waited 12 years and they will buy it no matter what.

    There is also a good amount of tension as to why people should run out to buy the game with no reviews done ahead of time. So those who are sitting on the fence are left to wonder why and wait out the next week to make a decision as to buy or not. I could say the same is true for investors as ATVI reaches it's $12 resistance mark.

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    • Notice almost all the ratings are either 5 Stars or 1 Star. That would indicate to me that the game is probably awesome but soime folks are upset about ATVI/Blizzards greed or conceived greed (trilogy). This game cost a bundle to make, if it is awesome why shouldn't the company make money on it so they can continue to make top games? Maybe the 1 star folks should just stick with Mafia Wars.

    • "The reviews on Amazon are BS, probably mostly Electronic Arts shills and shorts."



      Starcraft is GOLD. SOLID GOLD.

    • The reviews on Amazon are BS, probably mostly Electronic Arts shills and shorts.

      Look at reviews from people who actually play the games like on WIRED. They are overwhelmingly positive.

      As for the 3 parts, no one has mentioned what the pricing will be for the expansions.

      Also, you are able to play the 3 races online, which is what most people buy SC for. It only affects the single "standalone" missions.

      Fail post, shorty.

    • Go check the #2 game, its the original SC. You have no idea the following Blizzard and this game has.

    • Wrong on many counts.
      One if you look at reviews people actually respect like from WIRED magazine, you'll see even hard critics are overwhelmingly pleased. As for the three parts, no one has confirmed the pricing on the expansions. As for the 3 races being available, you can play all three online which is what most people buy SC for. It mainly affects the single player mode. Half those people on the Amazon reviews are shills for Electronic Arts. Your post is all kinds of fail.

    • "Yeah, those millions of pre-orders, midnight launch parties around the world, etc. Oh, and go ahead and check what the top selling game on Amazon is, I'll give you a hint, it is SC2."

      its obvious your not that bright since you place all your emphasis on a media-hyped one day event, where free food and entertainment is handed out, and hype drives a lot of spur of the moment buying, which gives way to calm, more patient analysis of a game.

      im more interested beyond the initial release day if people buy the game for the next 3 years than if they follow headlines and buy with the release day sheep parade.

      if i remember correctly people stood in line to buy the kindle 3 years ago and it was on every headline, now they cant GIVE it away.

      lets use our brain shall we?

      Im not bashing your stock, I think its worth $10-$14, just not through starcraft.

    • "Since when is a games rating based on Social networking?"

      Since most wildly successful games people that play games for years online do it to chat, get off from work and relax, not have to do repetetive campaigns with little to no social interaction etc. Theres plenty of shooter arcade style games online to choose from.

      I think the shareholders of ATVI ironically don't understand why their main game that carries the entire company was so successful.

      Either way i agree, its a different game with different potential. IMO, it won't catch on as im starting to see very clearly through a lot of reviews about the negatives, but everyones welcome to their opinion.

      IMO, i forsee the expansions selling a lot, lot less and perhaps blizz would be forced to restyle Starcraft into something else in a few years, like MMORPG who knows.

    • Yeah, those millions of pre-orders, midnight launch parties around the world, etc. Oh, and go ahead and check what the top selling game on Amazon is, I'll give you a hint, it is SC2.

    • 2.5/5 !??!?! 4 at the WORST. Like Call of Duty, the bread and butter of this RTS is Multiplayer. This is a different type of game than WoW. In WoW you want to chat, create parties, trade, barter, etc. In Starcraft, social networking is pretty limited due to the fact that when you are playing against an opponent, you don't want to chit chat. Since when is a games rating based on Social networking?

      Call of Duty's Single Player campaign can be completed in a handful of hours. Casual gamers, Kids, and hardcore gamers all bought that game for one reason-Multiplayer.

    • "So is milking the money really that bad?"

      Of course not, thats what companies try to do. The problem is when you cannot milk the money. I think you have a certain number of people that will just buy anything for any price (within reason) because they don't care lol.

      Id argue that most people, will not spend $60 or even $180 for a game that isnt a complete blockbuster. Especially in this economy I don't think that people will fork over that kind of money for things they cant thoroughly enjoy daily or at least weekly.

      Price isnt the only factor, a lot of people writing these reviews that look quite real (i also spoke to my friend who played briefly), it appears that the campaigns are repetetive and bland, for the one race you can play for paying $60.

      This one has the stench of being repetetive, unoriginal, lacking social atmosphere that WoW has, other issue like lan, and yes very pricey for 1/3 of a game.

      Notwithstanding all that, of course some will buy it irregardless just to buy it, like you state. I just don't think you can 'milk' all that many with the issues above, certainly not much longer after the release hype job when the media abandons it.

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