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  • jesterbunk jesterbunk Aug 3, 2010 9:51 AM Flag

    Disappointing Starcraft 2 sales

    Sold through only 1.5M in first 48 hours. ATVI called it "biggest PC game launch of the year", which is code for "not the biggest game launch of the year".

    Figure that's *years* of pent-up demand, and it includes digital sales, and that's disappointing. This compares to 2.4M sold in the first 24 hours of Burning Crusade.

    I posted here last week that supply > demand, as shown by online channel checks of GME stores. My bet is they shipped maybe 3.5M to retail, and only sold through a little over 1M of those in the first 48 hours. For such a hard-core game with so much pent-up demand, sales of this will be front end loaded (though it will have a long tail I admit).

    Looks like this isn't enough to save ATVI from the three bombs of Transformers, Blur and Singularity.

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    • It brings doubt to your credibility and integrity as person. Hence the previous poster discounted your post as spam.

    • You mean I didn't put my real information into an anonymous online profile? You dont say?

    • Hey forgot to change profiles before posting this. Your profile says 65 year old male. The body of your post states that you are wildly wealthy and in your 30's. Oops.

    • I hear ya'. My son wanted the latest Starcraft and wanted to go to Best Buy at the midnight release, or whatever it was. I went a few days later and saw dozens of the games on the racks at the store, so, they apparently didn't have the rush and sell out like many probably thought that they would.
      That said, what stock is a better play on the game crazy kids these days, ATVI or NVDA? The former has traded in a tight range, where as the latter has gotten crushed as of late, any thoughts?

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      • NVDA does not have the capacity to convert gaming interest into reoccurring revenue, an installed base model. For that reason, ATVI is a much better buy at these levels.

        The hardware out there is pretty good now, most players of higher end PC games upgraded in the past 18 months with the introduction of Windows 7 and more advanced GPUs. The cycle is mostly bought in now. There isn't any reason to upgrade again (graphics hardware).

        NVDA does not benefit very much from console play. ATVI benefits from both console and PC gaming.

        The market is very oversold. Buy. No one cares about housing sales, unless you are a seller. The economy isn't about housing as much going forward, it is growing out of that and will continue to do so for many years to come. Watch auto and retail same store sales for a better look at the US economy. Weak housing will simply keep a tight lid on inflation which in turn will allow the FED to keep interest rates at near zero for some time to come, making a lot of people a lot of money in bonds and stocks (especially stocks going forward)>


    • 60$ for years of entertainment is too much? When was the last time you spent money on any type of entertainment? I was out last Friday night at the Hard Rock in Tampa and a bottle of Miller light Beer was 6$. Dinner was around 20$ without tip. I think just to eat and drink in a "social environment" for one night is close to the price of this game. Movie tickets are over 12$...

      These people who are claiming $60 is too much for a quality game like this aren't relating it to other forms of entertainment. Movie tickets are 10 - 15$ for 1:45 minutes of entertainment, add in a drink and snacks and your talking 30 - 40$ for two people to see a movie.

      The price argument is bogus. Hell, buying this game will SAVE you money if you play it 2 nights instead of going out.


    • If I were a day trader this stock would be a dream. With 1000 shares I could buy at ll and sell at 12, day after day.
      Look at the graphs !!! And look at the volume!. The company's stock is being manipulated by market movers and day traders.
      Time only will allow the "real" investment capabilities to show and that will be more on the product than betting.

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      • For people complaining about 60 price tag for single player. I have finished the single player, without doing all the achievements on normal, I didn't add all the hours up but each campaign probably took me about 30 mins and there is 26, 27 if play "hidden" one so do the math. You're complaining about at the very least 13+ hours of very good entertainment ( add several tries for achievments/deaths/cinematics/etc) but yet will take your kids to a movie for ~ 12 bucks a pop plus "refreshments"...PLEAZZZZE!.

        The LAN issue....use your pea brain...I am sure there is away around the "no lan" support.


    • If they would have include LAN support they would have sold 5 Million units at launch, Stupid mistake someone should be fired!

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      • I think SC2 has a lot of problems.

        First and foremost the price tag. $60 is fine for someone who plays online but its a problem for anyone looking for a 1 player experience. You automatically lost all of them with that price tag. Most of them wouldn't buy it for $50. I remember when SC came out, I picked it up for $35 during a week 1 sale. I would have never bought it for any more.

        Second, no LAN... I was able to buy 1 copy of SC and install across several computers at home to play with my family. This whole idea that each person in a household needs to have a copy is bs at these prices. Sorry but no family should have to shell out $120 and up for one game. I can understand charging that much for online play but not for LAN play at home. Here, you automatically lost casual families.

        Third, splitting the game into 3 installations will make it ridiculously expensive. Do they plan to sell the other 2 games for $60 each as well?

        Lastly, on the topic of stocks, ATVI is so risky that I wouldnt touch it with a 10ft pole at this price. With WoW not growing and EA making a star wars MMO, ATVI has nothing that can replace the loss of revenue from a game like WoW. If EA succeeds in taking market share, ATVI will be in big trouble.

    • Disappointing SC2 Sales is ridiculous.

      Colin Sebastian, an analyst at Lazard Capital Markets, in a research report said the sales figures were largely representative of U.S. and European consumers. In South Korea, another huge game market, he expects stronger sales for the game to follow after a free trial period for the game shifts to purchases.

      Basically, most of Asia, the game's #1 market with more people than every other continent combined, is still playing on a Free Trial. That's right--After 1 week MILLIIONS of Asians are going to be paying for a game they just got addicted to because it was FREE.

      Some people need to take a marketing class. This game is going to gross more than any NON-MMORPG in HISTORY.

    • I dont think sales in korea have even started...

      that said, the blizzard genius that thought he's doing shareholders a favor by releasing first day sales without reading analyst estimates should shoot himself.

      It's the first time i hear about a korea trial...and if you have one going on, wouldn't it make sense to wait until after it to release sale numbers?

    • as much as everyone found these numbers disappointing, let's not forget that many people waited for the reviews which didnt come until the weekend.

      We'll have a better picture with the first week sales that should be announced on Thursday

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