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  • xdeftechx xdeftechx Jul 7, 2011 10:13 AM Flag

    On our way up past 12

    I've had this stock for years now, and this is the point in the year we start climbing before COD gets released.

    The stock is doing much better these days as the company buys it back, and is doing well with the COD releases, and WoW still remains very strong. The market cap is going down because of the buybacks and outstanding shares shrink. The trading volume is half what it used to be which is good for up/down movement.

    This stock may well be heading up to 13, and if things keep going well into the next year, it may have a good trading range soon. Typically the trading range on this stock sucks balls, as it creeps pennies up and down because of the huge volume and market cap.

    Take care! Here's hoping for a good year!

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    • Keep telling me please, I need your vast knowledge on how to buy/sell stocks! Do you have a website I can subscribe to? If I follow all your posts and buy and sell according to your vast intellect, will I be a millionaire?

      PLEASE!! I DON'T KNOW WHAT I AM DOING! MY returns need to be 500% on investment!

    • and ladies and gentlemen...our contestant has nothing else to say. Realized he has no clue what hes talking about, and now acting a bit dilusional.

      In the gaming over...this is called Game Over.

    • herp derp derp herp im so smart herp derp..thats all I read in your posts..herp derp..

      I guess you're too stupid to understand herp derper...hahahha

    • lol because you assume price will stay the same if you buy back shares.

      first you make the argument that its good they are buying back shares cause price will go up, now you are saying that market cap will go down if they buy back.

      Only way to have marketcap go down, is if price stays same while shares are being shrunk.
      If you buy shares, that means demand goes up, supply shrinks, prices rise. simple economics.

      You my friend...have no common sense. However, you offer very good entertainment.

    • WOW you are terrible at cap is going down because they are buying shares back and it shrinks outstanding volume?

      Only way outstanding volume is shrunk is if they retire stock, which is common in buybacks. So i'll give yout hat. But who the hell told you that buying back stock reduces market cap. You have to be trolling...please say you're a troll. Based on your theory...if I buy back all the shares of my company, it will eventually be worth 0. LOL...i swear some people on this board.

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      • IN addition...

        Citibank (few months back) issued a 1:10 reverse split. Meaning they increased shares outstaning 10x. The price also went up 10X. The market cap stayed the same, all they did was make the price of a share look higher. Again, based on your theory, if they did a 1:10 reverse split they just increased their value by 10x..Again...LOL.

        I bet your one of those that also believe that the higher the stock price the more valuable the company is. Let me ask you? which company is more valuable, Microsoft at $26.77 a share, or Google at $546.60? I bet you answered Google.

    • Wow. 12 to 13. You are KILLING IT!

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