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  • eggman220 eggman220 Aug 2, 2012 4:56 PM Flag

    ATVI's achilles heel

    I just read an interesting FORBES article about WOW being an Achilles Heel for ATVI. It estimated that Guild Wars 2 could possibly take 25% of WOW's business. The article was perplexing. It never mentioned the TITAN project that has been ongoing for years, and the fact that ATVI and BUNGIE have a 10 year contract in which they are working on a new MMORG project. I know that there will be some immediate threats to WOW's revenues, but ATVI IS NOT complacent, they are being PROACTIVE in the MMORG field.

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    • Vivendi is hurting, they need cash and are openly shopping ma y of their assets.

      Perhaps the lack of demand changed there minds?

    • what i don't get is ATVI is profitable w/ buckets of cash, EA et al are losing money, why is the market disillusioned?
      yep anything the froggies touch turns to pond scum, but they are going to exit so forward looking has to be positive???

    • Keep in mind bungie created halo. Does bungies project canabalize cod? Titan is a big ? Do we canabalize WoW? I would like to see a different genre before I get too excited.

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      • I do not know for sure, but it does seem that the powers at be in ATVI recognized that WOW was suffering by 2010 -2011 and decedided that they had better be proactive in the MMOORG field before WOW becomes a game of the past!!! Again, I like that they are in China with COD. I know it's free, but it is a HUGE market!! I really like their large revenues from DIGITAL.

      • Good point. I would think from the very little that I have read online that TITAN and the new ATVI-BUNGIE collaboration is not going to be like WOW. ATVI did raise full year guidance and they do have 3 NEW releases this fall(COD, Skylander's, and new WOW package). I think from what I have seen from WOW subscriptions and EA's Star Wars' losses that this recession/mild depression has made a deep impact on player's decision to continue playing these types of MMPRG's. A new game would boost revenues, but would probably cannabolise WOW subscriptions. Considering how old WOW is, maybe that is what ATVI wants to accomplish!!!!

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