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  • david11223 david11223 Nov 12, 2012 10:12 AM Flag


    Ok I am back in at 10.75. Been doing some research and found out the other editions of black ops II is sold out at most stores. Gamestop and amazon dont have any left of the care package which costs around 179.99.

    Also, if you do some reseach on google you will find that amazon and gamestop already claiming black ops 2 as the biggest preorder in history. So this would pretty much say that this game will break records.

    Now this company has around 3.4 billion in cash and no debt. This game is going to bring in alot more money too. I just hope Atvi sent alot of those black ops II care packages to the store. I mean they cost 179.99 and is in big demand. The margins on this product is so so so so big.

    Also, zacks released report saying atvi is strong buy. Now I do not really care for zacks opinion but do like what I research about this new game coming up.

    Please feel free to add any news that you came across would love to hear more.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Sold all at 10.83. Dow is moving negative. Love the company but scared of the maket. If the market tanks it will bring all stocks much lower. And it looks like the market has no support. I will be looking to buy in a little lower. But who knows might be wrong.

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      • I think ATVI sets up interestingly for a trade. COD is a strong product and demand every year for the game has been increasing. Should see a nice pop on Wednesday when they release the initial sales results. I think activision has been pretty innovative with broadening COD. Especially call of duty elite basically $50 bucks for nothing but everyone I know who plays the game seriously claims its necessary. The biggest knock on the stock is they have no other products besides COD that are successful. Either way based on historical averages I'd be a buyer right here. Looking to get in at $10.66 if the overall market takes it there today.

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      • hoffman2818 Nov 12, 2012 10:59 AM Flag

        I think its worth the risk. Set your goal for short term gain. If it does not pop, hang tight. They have COD 2 today and the 'Giant' Skylanders for Xmas. You can get Skylanders now but with Xmas coming up, stores will sell out of them too. And the margains on all of this, my god. $$$$$
        If your looking for 25% or more, forget it. Buy, once your up 10% sell.

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