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  • abbotte abbotte Dec 17, 2012 11:17 PM Flag

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    Call of Duty, as fun as it may be, is a major contributing factor to the sickness of this weekend. When a kid has killed people and watch blood splat from their head 1000+ times on a television, what makes it different in real life? I am out....Can't live with myself supporting this. Good or bad earnings.

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    • Multiple media sources reported the kid was known to have spent hours daily playing Call of Duty.....that is fact not #$%$" crapper. All pointed to Call of Duty. Warcraft does not immune the mind to killing by pulling a trigger and killing a person...that is a strategy game with no blood splattering sniper shots to the head. A not right mind exposed to hours daily of shooting others including interactive game play with your friends. Check out the commercials during NFL games. Drink the blood crapper, or watch it spat from peoples heads. You seemed to enjoy the thought of both. Turn on CNN and just watch one of the shows at night to see how this has impacted lives....keep sipping the blood while watching.....Would a not right mind have been as comfortable laying to rest 30 people if he had not done so 100+ times a day on his 60 inch television in life like graphics? Like it or not Call of Duty, mental health, and availability of military guns with expanded clips is the root of this tragedy. A three pronged approach to stopping this from happening again would be sensible. This game is one of the three root causes.

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      • Media sources have said that he played CoD but they do not cite any credible sources or any evidence. So, no, there is no evidence that he played CoD or any FPS. You're just eating it up because you're a gullible rube.

        Even if he did an FPS, so what? All FPS' are are computerized versions of 'tag.' They are completely harmless and do not cause psychotic behaviour.

        I challenge you to post evidence, facts and sources that he played CoD, not media horse s(hi(t. If you cannot do that, then just #$%$.

    • Amazing, now where going to blame a game played for enjoyment, lets cut out the NFL to violent, mixed martial arts, close all gunshops, how about opening more mental health clinics! Lets blame everything else for someones insanity! Pray for the children!!

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