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  • eddyfamilyemail eddyfamilyemail Dec 19, 2012 10:15 AM Flag

    Time to buy under 11

    The stock is shorted yes and they want you to sell so yes they post and let me caviat the other side of the tale. Profits are always positive and it pays a nice dividend. Debt free. I remember when they wanted to study TV violence and then it went to music causing violence. This as all things is just not to blame its society in general. But hey pick something that you can blame for now. As a psych major myself I can tell you if anything the game was helping by keeping his problem at bay. He needed help and the game gave him an avenue to vent no-one knows what happened maybe mom said no more video games and he flipped doesn't matter. It will happen its life we move on so don't miss out on this as its a buy under 11. Look to see 14 next year. But don't expect much more unless viv actually sells ATVI which they said might be on the table then expect a 16 sale, but they may just sell their shares to another company no-one knows thats life.

    Strong buy here, Due your DD

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    • Is there even any evidence he played FPS'? They only concrete thing I read is that he played Warcraft and Starcraft back in 2008. It's entirely possible he just didn't play any games at all since then. It's typical of suicidal people to become completely disinterested in hobbies they once enjoyed.

    • 8 down days on a cash positive, dividend paying stock that already proved generated sales beyond expectations on Call of Duty Black Ops II. Way oversold punching 4 days down below the boll bands today. Supreme court already ruled last year you can't ban sales of video games due to violence to any debate or talk is just that just talk as nothing can materialize. And they already did studies that shows no correlation so have fun but this run down will be short lived. I rode CDE earlier in the year from 20 down to 14 only to watch it double to 30. I also rode EA as down to 12 jumped to wait out the fall and got in to ride it all the way up to 15. This is the bottom here folks mark the post as always. I did my Due diligence you should do yours.

      Strong buy under 11.

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      • I couldn't agree more. Sad Story but what will they have in the news next week. These sad stories make for good headlines and great stories. No one is taking away from the fact that this is indeed a tragedy for the families involved but we will shortly move on to other depressing stories that happen worldwide daily. LONG LIVE the Internet. Imagine the years before internet and TV, we would have never even heard about this story. But for now pray for the kids and teachers who died and BUY HEAVY some ATVI

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