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  • onewaytomars3 onewaytomars3 Jan 21, 2013 9:59 AM Flag

    WoW kinda sucks now..

    I closed my account at end of catacylsm, didnt even try panda's lol.. i tried the free 10 day offer to play pandaria, and guess what, i spent the entire time playing a twink in pvp. thats how boring i feel the game has become.

    Without dark themes and cinematics, new things to do, and things that arent cliche (like making a map like china...) it just sucks.

    WoTLK was pretty good. I liked the cinematics, dark themes and new wintergrasp alongside even raiding which i did nightly.. Now its just stupid. Panda's, china, and same old #$%$.

    Whatever happens to WoW i dont know, but i think its just bland. It can recover big time if they get back on track but getting back those alienated players are gonna be rough or impossible. The only thing that would probably get me back at this point is a return to what im speaking of, alonside a 2 month free play coupon for old players to try their revamp. Pandaria just isnt that revamp, even with the 10 free days i didnt want to play.

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