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  • singer.courtney May 8, 2013 5:46 PM Flag

    So shouldn't EA be down as well? I don't get it!

    EA reports yesterday, most recent quarter, revenue declined to $1.2 billion from $1.4 billion in the same frame last year. Net income fell to $323 million from $400 million same QTR last year. Company has been going through changes of late, including downsizing its staff and losing its CEO, who stepped down in March. But yet, the stock was up like 20% today. They painted a rosy picture for the latter half of this year. But they are in the same industry as ATVI, so ATVI's cautious guidance because of increased competition should also affect EA's 2013 outlook as well, shouldn't it? The only difference I see here is EA's new deal with Disney/Lucasfilm to create games based on the Star Wars franchise. But these are games we won't see for another 2 years anyway. I just don't get the upswing EA got on relatively lackluster earnings, while ATVI is getting punished.

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    • Remember ATVI was already priced for high whereas not many believed in EA hence the lower valuation. Then you have the huge World of Warcraft cashcow in decline. So the guidance and what was priced in is why I suppose.

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      • Blizzard is going to announce Titan any day now, along with diablo 3 expansion, and everyone is going to go nuts.
        This next call of duty is going to mint gold. It will sell more than any CoD previously. New gen, new engine, new experience, better consoles, better graphics, more players. It is going to destroy everything.
        (I don't even like Call of Duty. Casual trash, imo. But I do respect its selling power)

      • rsrich2222 May 8, 2013 7:54 PM Flag

        The problem is that the market believes the analysts who had predicted higher revenue for the year than ATVI has committed too for 2013. ATVI actually increased revenue but guess not good enough.
        The shorts always come out after something like this. Look at Linkedin. The same thing happened In LKND they will come back with ATVI they will not and will lose market share to EA.

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