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  • madmanchad madmanchad Apr 24, 1998 2:59 PM Flag

    MANU getting dumped for new competitor

    manhattan associates (MANH) will destroy MANU



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    • They had Manugistics as the Dailys Double in
      Motley fool May 11. This is a must read. Something like
      only 15% of companies use supply chain management
      software. If that's ture there's tons of room for growth. I
      personally bought SAP about six months ago and am very
      happy. In the short run (three years or less) I feel
      that there will be more than one winner in the
      inventory managment software game.
      The Market

    • I too have heard the rumor regarding Oracle
      buying Manugistics from a very good source. I don't know
      whether it will really happen because of two main

      1. Manugistics is doubling in size each year and
      seems to have a very clear picture as to where they
      want to be. There is no business reason to sell right

      2. The culture difference between Oracle and
      Manugistics is huge. I just don't see it.

      Just my

    • eom is : end of message

    • Would you please tell me what i2 stands for and how I would locate its symbol. I have tried to no avail.


    • Gary,

      I do work in the industry and have for over 5 years. In response to the point you referred to about product and marketing, I think it is partly accurate. Manu, in some cases, is still seen as the superior product in CPG (but I think this is changing rapidly). Itwo is seen as the superior product in all other market verticals. Itwo has the ability to model very complex supply chains.

      As far as marketing, I'm not sure Manu has the edge there (as you have seen on this board). If Manu has superior marketing, Itwo wouldn't have passed them in revenue last year, IMHO.

      This is not an argument about who's gonna win this race. Both vendors are going to do real well in this space. I don't think you can go wrong investing in either one. It may make more sense to hedge your bets and invest in both.

      Have a good vacation.


    • Your probably correct. I'm over my head in really understanding all the different markets MANU and ITWO serve. Are you in the industry? You see to have good indepth knowledge of these guys. I'm just looking at the numbers and watching the trends on the balance sheet and income statement. As per the technical knowledge of the product....

      I did find it interesting a comment made on this board about ITWO having a far superior product but MANU having better marketing. Remember Sony and Beta vs. VHS. Beta was far superior but the market went the other way.

      This board is heating up with some fun discussion. Several years down the road we will know who is correct -- hopefully we'll all have a pocket full of change. But you have to love the market process.

      The Market Giveth and the Market Taketh, Blessed be the Market!

      I'm on vacation until the 12th....pre-spending my MANU profits. Go MANU and keep up the faith you MANU longs.


    • MANH isn't even in the same business as MANU. MANH is warehouse management and MANU is supply chain. they complement each
      other. Rumor I'm looking for some dope on is ORCL buyin MANU and CLYS (competitor to MANH but undervalued) and becoming the
      gorrilla that can effectively compete agianst SAP in the ERP arena. Think of the possibilities - Oracle manufacturing/finance, MANU
      supply chain,CLYS wms, and maybe a few other partners to round out the offering - you have a killer combo with the added lever of a
      technology edge => ORCL RDBMS. Hot hot hot, any word so that I can feather my nest.

    • Comparing MANU to MANH:
      MANU sales: $175 million and market cap of $1.6 billion,
      MANH sales: $32.5 million and market cap of $590 million.

      MANU's sales are 5.4 times that of MANH and the market cap differential is only 2.7 times.

      You paid too much for your stock.

    • check CLYS, they are a bargain compared to MANH and MANU and have been crankin some good news lately. see motley. 300% favorable surprise on 1Q earnings. Lets shake the dice. Plus they get a little halo effect from the MANH IPO.

      • 1 Reply to farminspuds
      • All fine companies you mentioned, but story on MANH is good from vendor and customer side.
        I've been talking to some of those guys I know. Actually they called me, anyhow seems they are real concerned about MANH. Made some big hires from some of the other guys prior to IPO. Was once considered the weak kid on the block; not anymore.
        Work with many of their retail customers...they love them.

        We'll see what happens.....

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