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  • techland techland May 11, 1998 9:31 PM Flag

    Competitive pressures on MANU.

    Going long MANU and I2 at this point is not the
    smartest investment decision. There will be some heavy
    hitting competitors popping up soon which will put MANU
    and I2 in a precarious situation. Will they still be
    wonderful companies? Of course. Will they still be able to
    maintain the rate of growth, and thus the multiple on the
    stock price? No. I have seen this many, many times
    before. Companies that show excellent earnings growth
    quarter after quarter, only to get smashed when they
    start to slide even slightly. MANU and I2 are no

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    • ah what the hell...keep it.

      UNLESS Manu
      revenue exceeds $66MM for the quarter (In other words,
      beating i2 AND proving my prediction over yours).In this
      case, for a period of 1 month you will be known as

      Keep up the good work

    • Just saw your message because of these crazy
      message delays. I wanted to mention a couple of things.

      First of all, the guru title was not meant to offend.
      Nor was I trying to act like I was a god. I was using
      the term because I've implemented and sold scm
      systems for a while and I have a good grasp on the
      industry (not because I have a high opinion of myself).
      Furthermore, I really have a passion for this stuff. I think
      scm software is going to revolutionize the way
      companies do business in the next 5 years. I know you can
      appreciate that.

      Second, I have one question. There
      was a "manuguru" a while back on these boards. Why
      didn't you give him crap about his name? His name is
      where I got the idea for mine.

      After you read
      this and understand my position, if you still want me
      to change the "guru" title, I will do so in order to
      keep peace. I just want all of us to win and I think
      we will in this space. I plan on making enough money
      in this market to be able to retire. I sincerely
      hope you do the same.


    • My screen wasn't refreshed, so I didn't see your comments, NeedTheInfo. Now let's all make some money.

    • Sounds like scm_guru is trying to call a truce. Will you do the same? The attitudes need to go.

    • OK...I'll be civil to.

      This all started
      because you call yourself a Guru. When people have a high
      opinion of themselves, calling themselves 'guru's' then
      they leave themselves wide open for attack unless they
      really are experts.

      All I have been doing is
      showing you that there are many people (myself included)
      who know and understand this market very well but
      refrain from calling themselves a guru.

      started out as harmless fun. I am sorry if it upset

      How about a deal? I'll quit teasing you,
      you get rid of the guru title and we'll both make
      valuable contributions to this board for each other and
      the rest of the participants.

    • I'm going to be civil.

      I'm good at
      remembering numbers and not as good at remembering the exact
      source without looking at my notes. It just so happens
      that when I quoted those numbers, I didn't have my
      notes with me.

      I am actually thanking you for
      providing the source.


    • I agree and thank you!


    • HEY: Why don't you keep the attitudes on the
      sidelines. You may actually have some intelligence in your
      heads but some of us won't give you any credit when
      you're more interested in putting others down and making
      yourself look good.

      Stick with sharing what you
      know about the SCM marketplace and we'll all be better

      Sorry for the lecture but people like myself are here
      to learn about companies (particularly MANU) in this
      market and not your ego battles.

    • scm_doodoo, once again, I bail you out and give
      you the facts behind your limited

      I'll give you some credit, at least you have some of
      the information and facts even though you don't know
      where you get it from.

      The estimate of $3Billion
      came from a guy called John Bermudez who works for

      Being a so-called GURU, I thought you would have known

    • I'm a PSU BLOG graduate and a future employee of
      Manugistics (if that's enough creditability for you source
      bashers), but $3B is by a far an underestimate. In
      addition, those numbers can be found in the Wall Street
      Journal from 1996 (I'll look up the date) in reference to
      an article about MANU.

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