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  • smorcos83 smorcos83 Aug 27, 2012 2:18 PM Flag


    Did we peak at 28.80 or new highs to come?

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    • Today's pull-back is healthy ... Techs still look good, TS Issac is probably in play today, still like riding that upper Bollinger Band and the RSI falling

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    • palladin, you just commented on a misunderstanding of what I said. Maybe you should read the post again. The just starting was referring to CLMT. And I like DDD. I just do not know why one cannot own both. And on oil prices, they sure are not based on supply and demand. More like fear and speculation. So I guess you just can not take yes for an answer.

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    • I think this stock can see $35., has good earnings and good products, and if the economy picks up we could go even higher !

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      • Not to get too Geek-y here, Caumet will ride the housing boom, they are one of the few refiners that make aliphatic oil used as "extenders" for tackifers like XOM's Escorez, you ask so what ... well any peel-and-stick which is black (asphalt base) uses this stuff, roofing, floor tiles, caulking ... they make a killing on it
        I agree, a $35 price target is resonable and would only be slowed down by heavy CAPEX (which they are pursuing)

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    • I just found this in an investors business daily release::

      Calumet Specialty Products Partners (CLMT) rallied 3% to its best levels in more than four years. The stock is now 11% past a 25.72 buy point from a cup-with-handle base cleared Aug. 15. Calumet processes crude oil into lubricants, solvents, waxes and other petroleum-based products. Analysts see its profit surging 223% to $3.17 a share this year.

      If this is true, we have a way to go on the upside!

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    • Techs look good, riding the upper Bollinger Band, ADX and RSI look ok (but trending in the wrong direction) I'm thinking higher, maybe another 1.5 points ... just to note: Calumet has good size refinery in SHV,LA , Issac is heading that direction, historicaly that Refinery does not do well with nasty weather events ... I would not sell but maybe a buying opportunity if there is price panic ... I've been long for a while and will move w/options to protect my position and buy more on a dip ...

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    • What do you think? And how long will you wait? I think we go into the mid 30's, but today may just be trading off a hurricane. That is what the news releases say. But it should be higher on growth earnings and distributions. Willing to wait a while though. Keep in mind we are getting paid while we wait and the stock can show a 100% return on distributions is a little over 7 years. Not to mention any additional capital appreciation as earnings and distributions increase.

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    • Think Mid-East turmoil...

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      • Agreed on all comments, especially the mideast termoil... however I decided to take profits today guys at 28.55. Been holding since March and added in the 22's in June. I may miss out on additional profits and the divi is hard to pass up, but I'm just getting tired of not selling when I think I should have and then being right about it later when the stock clearly goes bear. RSI is on the high end for both short and longer term graphs, and a long term trend line through the peaks puts you at around the high today. Will look to jump back in on the next breather. GOOD LUCK LONGS

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