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  • skinnyschmatlis skinnyschmatlis Nov 15, 2012 5:30 PM Flag

    omg, would you all stop crying?

    and, fwiw, there are many on this board attributing selling to dividend worry via fiscal cliff, but clmt doesn't issue dividends. i've spoken with two people this past week who said they sold a not insignificant amount of stock last week because of the fiscal cliff. i read yesterday that einhorn pulled back on the long side too. i personally haven't, because i see no reason too. but if a lot of people do it, and that is what is happening, then the market goes down.

    i'm usually out at the drop of a hat and timing has been my strong point (i got out completely very early in 08), but i'm not pulling out of the market or reducing this time. i believe that those who stay in and start buying are going to be handsomely rewarded. there is NO reason for the market to selloff other than monkey see monkey do style action.

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    • Don't know for sure if you will be right or wrong, but to me it is not wise to hold stocks past a certain point in a market freefall, especially these bad days. And it is well past that certain point for many stocks. Always protect your money and live to fight another day, and not let pride or stubborness rule your actions. And, it is good to keep in mind that someday the market may not come back. Wall Street and Washington are digging America into an ever deeper hole that seems to have no bottom.

    • nice to hear a voice of reason, I believe you are correct and would add more here , your thesis is correct re:MLPs , especially this one. Also, remember , this is a thinly traded stock and it does not take much volume to drive it up or down. My main position is in IMOS , I have shared that with this board before , this is a perfect time to pick some up. Check out the IMOS board. I see it doubling over the next year , earnings out Tuesday . But , if I had extra cash it would go right here.

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    • "there is NO reason for the market to selloff"

      You just keep believing that. Employment is going to be way down in 2013.

      Already many company's have warned on earnings.

      And there is no reason to hold the market up as was the motive to get Obama re-elected.

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      • Phoenix, I will continue to believe it, the economy is recovering, and all this political rhetoric is just theatre. All of the discussion is made up, for political gain. In fact just about everything that has happened in the last few years was self inflicted. I have had it with made up crises and all the talk that goes with it.

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    • what do you mean they don't pay dividends ??

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      • I am not an accountant, but I am wondering if what skinny was referring to is that MLPs don't pay dividends, but rather, make distributions of capital, which, over time, decreases the cost basis of the shares purchased.

        If this is correct -- MLPs don't pay dividends, but make distributions of capital -- the central question is "What effect, if any, will higher tax rates on dividends and capital gains have on MLP shareholders?"

        Perhaps someone who is more sophisticated in this area than I am can weigh in on the question...

        P.S. I am a long time CLMT shareholder and really like its prospects.

        Good luck to all longs!

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