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  • andiesun100 andiesun100 Dec 8, 2009 10:17 AM Flag

    Tiger dug through trashes.

    None of his hoochi mamas looks like a real classy woman. He had it all,respect, love, many fans, money, power, and talent. Now, he ends up the joke of the century. What was he thinking to sleep around with worthless trashes. What kind of a woman who will tell the whole world who you slept with. You don't need to tell the world, you don't need to tell your best friends or mother. This is between you and the guy and the most sacret thing.

    I can understand why they would tell the world if they had saved lives, which something to be proud of. However, sleeping around with a married man is nothing something to proud of. Where is the dignity, respect, self esteem, and a good conscience?

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    • let them suffer the same consequences. It appears though that the liberal media gives their favorites a pass until it no longer can be contained.

    • i have no interest debating with you. i spoke with ms. andie...

    • LIKE I SAID he is NO ANGEL

      Oh and did you hear me call any of them SLUTS WHORE or spit at them?
      NO all I said was it was 100% within their control 100% and LAST comment since YOU SPIN OT within a topic.


    • Didn't you have a cat fight with Andie on an other issue?

    • "If they see a good looking woman who is willing to give up, these men will take their chances."

      Ok, so if a married man "fails" to sexually get involved with any good-looking woman other than his wife, he is by all means worth praising. But if he is "unlucky" to get into adultery, he is considered normal because that's the way god allows his hormone to work.

      On the other hand, for a good-looking girl, her looks are her original sins. If she rejects the married men, she is considered normal because that's how she is expected by the whole world to play her role in that kind of relationship. But if she dares to get interested in them, everyone gets to spit at her.

      you need a brainwash

    • Short of RAPE the woman is ALWAYS in control of the situation PERIOD,you know it I know it all know it.

      LAST POST ON THIS does not belong on this board or for that matter ANY STOCK MB

    • Sorry but WIHTOUT an consenting WOMAN ya have no foul.
      Now he is no angel either for breaking his word to his wife.
      If I were to ask ya if ya wanted to do "THE WILD THING" the ball is 100% in YOUR CONTROL!

      This is not female bashing or condoning his actions.

      BUT I will say this again why don't you two get a room and take this thread with ya..
      WHO GIVES a rats butt bout TIIIGER

    • Mandy, your pyschology does not apply to me here. Read my statement again before jumping to a conclusion. I replied to John that majority of men would cheat if they had the opportunities. If they see a good looking woman who is willing to give up, these men will take their chances.

      As women and Tiger. It takes two to tangle. The women knew he was a married man and it is the same to him. He knew the consequences that sooner or later people would find out.

    • Why is Tiger Black?

      I guess you never heard of the "One_drop_rule", andiesun10

      Isn't that Right, Johnnie?

    • "Woods is the greatest golfer playing today, no doubt. As a person he is a spoiled egotistical wealthy black athlete who believs he is above normal moral conduct. Screw him-let him suffer whatever consequences come his way."

      Well Republicanabe,

      Just Like South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford, President Bill Clinton, Rev. Ted Haggard, Idaho Senator Larry Craig, former Sen. John Edwards, Rev. Jesse Jackson, Florida Republican Congressman Mark Foley, Republican Whitehouse Reporter Jeff Gannon a/k/a James Dale Guckert and gay Knoxville Mayor Victor Ashe (Bush's roommate at Yale) ect.

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