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  • cmonivleeg cmonivleeg Jul 31, 2012 10:32 AM Flag


    who lost money on this cause they couldn't read the Disclosure document correctly. I agree it can be difficult, but they had to lose dough on this, from here different story. Stock probably fades for awhile as guys like Chocoholico give up, but thats good, for now.

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    • Stock probably fades for awhile as guys like Chocoholico give up, but thats good, for now.
      Verybadmistake---yeah I can easily tell by your writing style that this is your alternate ego----you're so clueless it's laughable. Typical message board 9/11 government conspiracy level stuff.

      1. You were wrong about the put back issue.

      2. You were wrong about Zell not expecting this--because he never cared in the first place.

      3. You were wrong about it now being "go time"----as if it hadn't been "go time" for the past 2 years.

      4. You were wrong about a reverse merger. Because we'd lose the NOLs.

      5. You are wrong about new shares being issued or this stock goes to zero and new shares being equity for purchases of large companies------for the same reason as #4 above.

      See a pattern here? Your self proclaimed knowledge on every "way out in left field subject" notwithstanding, it's back to same old same old at Sig.


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      • Yeah, I've been wrong, just a dummy sitting here watching the waves come in & out. Having sold into the 75c-85c bids, knowing that once the newco stock was issued this was gonna get toasted. Yep, same argument buyers of Rescap unsecureds are saying, there's no put back issue, nah, nothing to see here.
        Yeah, Zell will be there for the big trade, and thats all he cares about, your right. But all in all its nice having a 29c basis than an 85c one.
        I'm not the guy who voted for Mac whose math skills are sketchy to say the least. Who thinks good companies can be bought for 1x ebitda.and with no audited financials on our part. Nah, just sitting watching the tide go in and out...But it is nice to see your still here. Welcome back. There's nothing left to do except continue to whine and wait till next year.