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  • dhrosier dhrosier May 1, 2002 2:31 PM Flag

    How crowded could the exit get?

    Some body is going to a lot of trouble, some expense, and a great deal of risk to hold on to the lid at 60 cents. The 5 day chart shows it began Friday.

    There is no logic to such a ploy.

    The only candidates are the convertible holders, but given the terms of the convertibles, discussed by others on this thread already, it is the wrong time.

    Unless, there are some kind of negotiations in progress, because nothing else makes any sense. Management and the company would all be precluded from buying in such a period (if this is inaccurate, please correct me), and I seriously doubt there would be any news releases.

    Unless someone leaks it, which a lot of people would discredit, we will not hear about it until the deal is done.

    The scary part is that if a deal is not reached, we might never hear about it. I confess curiosity is one of my greatest weaknesses.