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    80m big money

    come on guys, you really don't want mgt. to sell part of your equity for you at $8.....? do you?
    there are forms of capital,i.e.labor,plant and eguipment etc. all paid for by their more well known forms debt capital, and equity capital. Debt capital represents a claim for a finite amount of dollars,whereas equity capital's claim is simply a pro rata share of the net assets of the company; which are not finite. I would much rather have the ability to grow my assets with out diluting my ownership or my share of future earnings.
    By the way how do you get to this convoluted thought process that issuing more shares and then dividing the earnings by more shares leads to a greater EPS ratio? you want to increase revs and earnings , not shares outstanding. oh well you've got to start thinking like owners.IMHO