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  • LCBard LCBard Jan 10, 1998 1:34 AM Flag

    80m big money

    Perhaps I wasn't clear, "VON_FUKOFFEINDIE".... except for the single fact that right NOW we are still LOOKING for an ocean of oil in Columbia, I would agree with you.

    If we had already found it and know for certain that it can be economically brought to the surface and/or sold in place or whatever, I would not hesitate to take on debt and NOT even consider issuing additional equity.

    Until that "elephant" is bagged, however, I would prefer the company keep as clean a balance sheet as possible with a minimum of long term debt so that we have all options open AND be reasonably sure of being able to SURVIVE in case unforeseen problems develop.

    Until then, I would rather err on the side of caution in what, as we all know, is a very risky business any way you slice it....

    As supremely confident as we all are, however, it is very tempting to take your approach though...its a tough call any way you cut it.

    All, IMHO, of course