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  • macoris macoris May 17, 1998 6:09 PM Flag

    Anyone with an answer?

    I just happened to check my portafolio with Datek
    online and i find the following movement in
    Harhen.Volume 388,600 last 6 5/8 up 1 1/8.If some body knows
    what happen please tell us.By the way sev up 7 3/16 to
    29 3/4

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    • Sorry for the misspelling but to lazy to look it up. Once again, any help on the Islero's data would be interesting for all.


    • Just dropped in on this board to see who's
      I read Ted Warren's book in May '96 and began
      trading in July '96.

      Bought HEC @ 2 7/8 on
      Sold @ 7 on 12/30/97

      Got a handsome 143% (less

      This Present action doesn't look too stable to
      Too many other bargains out there.

      If anything
      I'd say it's in a downtrend.

      Glad to here from
      Warren desciples.
      Take a look at ULB, DDL, TPS, HWY,

      Any thoughts would be appriciated.

      The Chart_Guy

    • I find it hard to accept you did not know how to
      create the link. You did it by typing in the adress of
      the website in your reply. I was able to click on it
      and go exactly where you wanted us to go. THANKS a
      MILLION. for doing that. Good luck in your investing and
      thanks also for the comments on the aquisition.

    • Rohheck,

      I am not a computing giant. I am
      mostly an operations and finance person. I don't even
      know how to create a URL. Anyway, here is the internet
      address of the services I was using:

      I normally access the same service through the
      Analyst Center at Charles Schwab. After you are inside then you can experiment and play with the
      different ways you would like the see the information of
      the companies you want to analyse. All of the
      functions are self explanatory and when you have questions,
      you just have to "click" help.

      Two more

      1. The most recent acquisition is an asset
      acquisition and not a company acquisition. It is a cash and
      stock play against an undervalued asset and the delta
      is simply improved cash flow plus a future upside on
      the price of oil.

      2. The $18 dollar breakeven
      mentioned in the other posts is simply way out of line and
      is wrong. In the first place, it is useless to
      speculate on this issue now because the company is still on
      an exploratory and development stage. Any number at
      this time is not meaningful. The more important
      measurement is the reserve yield and the reserve potential
      per dollar invested in actual drilling per year for
      several years. Considering the high success rate of HEC,
      I would imagine that this is a very good number.


    • what are you talking about Sahuraii ? Oil prices
      are lowest they have been in history...thats right
      even lower than during depression on historical basis.
      Ever hear of El Nino, Far East collapse, and World
      Peace? I will bet you that these three factors will not
      be with us for next three years. This is slow time
      of year for oil... so to say we are at a peak is
      like saying summer is good time to sell snow plowes.
      Like i said oil will start recovery in about 6 months.
      Peak seasons for oil are Winter (heating) and Summer
      (increased travel) re-check your facts. To think oil
      will stay low for two to three years borders on

    • Would you like to provide us with a URL or a link on this BB and lets see what you saw? It would be helpful to those who are not computing giants like me. Thanks in advance.

    • I just overlayed a HEC whart with SEV using the
      charting facility Schwab. I used its SMA. Bollinger, and
      functionalities in the comparisons. The result is revealing. Take
      a look. Thanks.


    • I did a search on Harken in Sep 96 using Compass
      by Quarterdeck. The article you linked floated to
      the surface along with a lot of other stuff that
      floats. The web has an extraordinary number of poor
      demented sickos because of the anonymity.

      The most
      entertaining article in that bin went on for over 100 pages.
      Talk about obsessed! I guess I must have some kind of
      problem myself because I read or skimmed most of them.
      Actually, it was hilarious, sort of like the super dumb
      movie Black Hole.

      Did you know that our space
      program since the 1st Moon landing has been a fraud? At
      that time we made contact with a Saurian race that had
      been living on the dark side of the Moon for a long
      time. Ever since then our government on Earth has been
      more or less of a shadow operation for the Saurians.
      Of course, George Bush was a key player in all of
      that. I do not recall how. My memory works much better
      with logical structures I can recreate, and this did
      not fit the model.

      Do not underestimate the
      mindless drivel you are likely to read from the Bush
      haters. I did not spend much time trying to determine why
      they hate him so much - id as a conservative oriented
      Republican or whatever. It may be that there are a great
      many others who attract the same or greater attention.
      It is just that the attention given Bush caught me
      by surprise because, in my view, he was never a
      strong force for much of anything. You know, troubled by
      the "vision thing". The caretaker president who
      didn't take care of the rather nice business he
      inherited from the guy who did have the vision and the
      trust in his people to get it moving.

    • and I disagree with a number of things you have stated. I'll send a longer explanation later tonight.


    • If we all agree that HEC's stock price is largely
      undervalued because of future Columbian prospects - then on
      the surface it makes no sense to dilute this
      potential to existing shareholders by making deals with
      under-valued stock. Its call good business 101 - I think they
      teach it in grade school! Unless they factored the
      current price undervaluation into the purchase price -
      the existing s/h's got screwed again. Mgmt seems to
      want to build their selves an empire at existing s/h's
      expense. Re: poison pill - who does that help (mgmt that's
      who) . I'm 5,000 shares into this stock at an avg of 5
      1/2 and i'm really starting to wonder. Hope i'm wrong
      - but this acquisition sounds really bad for
      existing s/h - good for mgmt/ job security.


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