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  • dhrosier dhrosier May 27, 1998 9:49 PM Flag

    Good News 2

    The Paine Webber report was attached to an e-mail
    news distributon sent around by Marshall Farris at
    Rochester Energy (ROH). His e-mail address is I suggest you contact Farris to get on the
    distribution list. No charge. I attempted to copy the report
    here but it did not come through as well as it should.
    If you send me your e-mail address I will forward
    the e-mail from Farris to you which should come
    through with the attached document in place.

    e-mail address is:

    By the
    way, some of us have included our personal info in our
    Yahoo registration, including e-mail addresses. You can
    obtain them, if revealed, by clicking on our name at the
    top of any of our posts.

    NOTE TO ALL: I got an
    e-mail on a list distribution from
    for both the $85 financing and the rig from Parker. A
    few weeks ago Tracy told me they were working with
    PRNewswire to set up an e-maill distribution of news items.
    It appears that Harken now has that working. I do
    not know what the established protocol is for getting
    on the list, maybe all of you are already and this
    is a waste of time. I would start by sending Tracy
    an e-mail and being patient. She will be flooded!

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