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  • Stango33 Stango33 Aug 23, 1999 3:57 PM Flag

    I smell

    bad news on Columbia. First the Costa Rica contract, now a domestic aquisition. Looks like someone is hedging their bets to me.

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    • A little over 600 BOPD and 3400 CFPD of Gas.Not bad, they may pass HEC Colomdia. Hey they are in Houston they can't be all bad.


      Appears they were pumping 200,000 BBls of
      a couple of years ago.

      Does anybody know if
      there is any relation to Xplor Corp.,
      formerly owned
      51% by J. Morton Davis, (ring a bell)?

    • Can you quantify "very much less than Catalina"?
      Any formation water to speak of? Is gas/oil ratio
      similar to Catalina? Current status of well?

      management greatly downplays rebel activity in Bolivar area.
      Implies it's a non-event. Agree or disagree. U.S. media
      is devoting much more attention toward political
      problems in Colombia. What's the mood of the expats
      working on the well? Are families being shipped home or
      are the newspapers making a big deal out of nothing?

    • Really liked your tongue-in-cheek post. It
      brightened up this board temporarily but I'm afraid I'm
      falling asleep again !
      " A bird in the Bush is worth
      two in the hand"
      I prefer " A push in the bush is
      worth two in the hand



    • Not James Carville.

      I am Spartacus!

    • Talk about ridiculous! Nobody suggested that the
      company only moved three people and had an $800,000 crack
      party. I simply questioned the $800,000 cost of the
      move. You seem to be getting extremely defensive about
      a stockholder questioning an expense. What gives?

    • Since drippy sarcasim seems to be the most basic
      form of communication in here:

      Assumptions run
      rampant. I work for HEC? I am a friend of the management?
      Top management at HEC is arrogant? The board and
      officers disregard the shareholders? Heathcap actually
      owns 85,000 shares. You sure know alot about what is
      going on here. How is it that you were so stupid to get
      wrapped up in this pitiful, going no-where stock and its
      arrogant management?

      Look, I'm not happy about the
      price being depressed (none of us are) but get a life.
      Suggesting that the comapnany moved three people down to
      Houston and had a huge $800,000 crack party is
      ridiculous. That is all I'm saying.

    • The insanity is a dead giveaway for who you are, James. You are a nutcase completely out of control.

    • oillurker41,

      Sounds like you either work
      for Harken or are a friend of the management. You say
      to a guy who invested in 85,000 shares and has stuck
      it out for several years:

      "I do not want to
      get drug into these boards because almost everything
      posted here is rubbish...I question why you would invest
      in a company that you suspect would not act in an
      honorable fashion. If you truely believe what you are
      suggesting - get out."

      Looks like the arrogance
      trickles down from the top at HEC. Shareholders own the
      company. They elect the Board which appoints the Officers.
      When the Board and Officers disregard the Shareholders
      or fail to boost the stock price for LONG periods,
      they can be ousted. Other than those basic facts, we
      apologize for all of our rubbish and will try not to
      question the management in the future.

      and Submissively Yours,

    • He would have to answer the questions during

      He can't because the statutes of limitations don't
      protect him outside TX.

      Bush did drugs.

      me George.

      I dare you!

      Bush did

      I saw him do it!

      Sue me George W.

      snort, snort, snort.

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