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  • hullnkeel hullnkeel Oct 4, 2000 3:18 PM Remove Flag

    If you have a specific...



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    • Dreighton's post made me go and look up some info
      on Edgar but suprisingly the VP Lewis compensation
      wasn't listed. The other bunch at the top is and they
      are pretty well compensated. Faulkner had one year
      comparable to some big oil companies CEO's pay. One thing I
      saw that was intersting was the exercise price of
      their options... $3.69. Weren't a bunch of S-3s filed
      in the past year or so?

    • "whiners with delusions of grandeur"

      so now it's the investors fault.....?

      Get a Grip.

    • will be seen in context.

    • What is the point? You identify yourself,
      therefore your information carries more weight? I dont get
      it! We're down 20+ % just from announcement of rs! If
      I identify myself, that will change the numbers?

    • How many companies have you seen that give out
      titles in lieu of pay? That may be an unfair question as
      I have worked as a professional advisor for 30
      years and have had the opportunity to see more than a
      hundred large employers of all different persuasions,
      many with names you would recognize, and some
      employing 50,000+ that hardly anyone would

      Now, on identities.
      Dreighton Rosier. See my
      profile for contact data. If you think any thing on my
      profile is a lie, contact your neighborhood actuary and
      ask him to look in the book; he will know what you
      mean. If you find something inaccurate, it is an error
      and I would appreciate an email; yes, use the address
      in my profile. I have never been a green eyeshade
      actuary, and I sometimes go too fast when perfect accuracy
      is less important than message.

      oilseekr. See
      his web page, which is quite good. It has been
      mentioned numerous times on the

      jarthur has revealed his name on the thread many times,
      but since his profile does not disclose it I will

      Whiners: Your turn.

    • but I must assume that a VICE-PRESIDENT( which is
      his handle by the way) makes a commensurate rate of
      pay as other VICE-PRESIDENT'S in HEC. Do you believe
      this to be a valid assumption?
      Regardless, at
      these depressed prices, unless you are just picking up
      a pay check, I would, again, assume you would see
      this as a buying opportunity.
      As to your other
      point, I agree, that is why I signed my name on my
      correspondence with Mr. Lewis. Also, he returned my phone call,
      therefore, it is safe to assume he knows my telephone
      exchange. This coupled with my name equals a knowledge of
      my identity.
      As for agenda, I assure you, mine
      is very simply to put my children through college.
      Nothing hidden, I just want them to do better than their
      old man. Goodluck to all longs.

    • What do you folks think they pay for a position
      that is primarily to answer telephone calls from a
      bunch of whiners with delusions of grandeur? I would be
      surprised if he is paid any more than $50k, and having to
      cover Houston living expenses at that. $15k is quite
      possibly a much larger % of his net free cash flow than
      the 100k shares someone yakked about, assuming the
      100k is an honest disclosure.

      Hidden agendas?
      At least we know where Marc Lewis works, and if any
      one really cares, they can easily find where he

      On the other hand, at the very least every whiner on
      this board has at least one hidden item on their
      agenda, their identity.

    • Thanks for the info, Hull.

      I suspect they
      have accrued a certain amount of
      expenses in the
      wells they have drilled domestically, and possibly
      write-offs for
      some of the stock conversions.

      think $0.02 a share is more realistic,
      (if we're

      If they don't have increased pipeline
      they either intend to truck oil from Alcaravan
      this is just an attempt to increase

      OT: They had a nice article on Triton and
      Musselman in Forbes. Note that Hicks of
      Hicks, Muse is a
      good buddy of George W.

      I wish they would
      recapitalize and take over this outfit.


    • til you get a new one.BANG i got a new one.Next pr will say to start drilling in Egypt next to Denile.Most money maker count their gas reserves in billons not millions.bye bye.

    • Please ask about the Petrobras pipeline
      restrictions and Alcaravan.