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  • dhrosier dhrosier Oct 5, 2000 9:26 AM Flag

    If you have a specific...

    What do you folks think they pay for a position
    that is primarily to answer telephone calls from a
    bunch of whiners with delusions of grandeur? I would be
    surprised if he is paid any more than $50k, and having to
    cover Houston living expenses at that. $15k is quite
    possibly a much larger % of his net free cash flow than
    the 100k shares someone yakked about, assuming the
    100k is an honest disclosure.

    Hidden agendas?
    At least we know where Marc Lewis works, and if any
    one really cares, they can easily find where he

    On the other hand, at the very least every whiner on
    this board has at least one hidden item on their
    agenda, their identity.