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Harken Energy Corporation (HEC) Message Board

  • what you see is what you get,we are a 40 million dollar in market cap oil exploration company with revenues of 40 million dollars a year attempting to be a 40 billion dollar company by taking calculated risks that offer huge upside potential, and thats what i like about harkens management style. what happens to this company if we strike oil in costa rica and what happens if its a lot of oil? this is the kind of stock that offers a chance to get rich on.

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    • Just happened to check in after better part of a year. Nice to see that the board remains lively(unlike the stock!). Most of my buddies got in at well over $6 and still await the mythical rise. Costa Rica humph! Costa Packet...
      Ran into a freind here in Bogota the other day and it seems that Harken will drill a 7500 footer in the Llanos later this year. Back to WOW again. (wait-on-weather).
      Saludos y mucho suerte.


    • I understand what you are saying. By the time the decision gets made, no one is responsible for the success or failure of the project.

      Probably the primary reason I like the small E&Ps, one of the few places a person actually takes responsibility for the decision, because there are not enough other targets to hide behind if for no other reason.

      Hey! Look how well Bill Clinton made out dodging responsibility for his own actions. The revelation in his statement is not whether he lied, because if that statement is true, then he was lying to people he acted like were friends when he was busy not inhaling.

      The most important revelation in that statement is a revelation he repeated over and over: That Bill Clinton believed it made a difference when his culpability came into question. The distinction is the same one he made when he insisted, for example: "I did not have sex with the woman!"

    • Small E&Ps are a lot like riding bucking horses.

      Anyone who does not want that kind of ride should buy a stable pony.

      One of the dumbest things a man can do is to want the macho image of riding the bucking horse, and then complain when he lands flat on his dignity.

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      • dhrosier, your right about them buckin horses, thats a ride most men wont take let alone sissys id just love to see oilrulers face as he climbed aboard and started to realise that this is not a nice horse and he his bigger and more powerful than what i thought and he doesnt seem to want me on his back. what about a rank bull dhrosier?i think metro, bigstick and clearwater would be rollin up the windows an lockin the doors. now im smilin,rowdy

    • rowdy...quite frankly...your so full of shit it hurts.....this company couldn't stand any kind of prosperity...they just as soon take the shareholders money and go buy lotto tickets each week....we would have way of a better chance! Peru, then probably the mountains of afghanastan. brahahahahahahahahahahahahah!!!!!!!