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  • suckstrading suckstrading Jan 26, 2010 10:54 AM Flag


    what do you think about this run? it the same where hedgies run up and dump??? and fade it later in the day to accumulate?? or is it something about some impending news??

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    • I thought Phase 2 was not on people but in a dish. I will go back and reread.

    • Katz, Thks for your input.

      PH IIb is conducted with patients over 70 years. A 25% remission on this strata is a great stuff, since these guys are very difficult to treat. 1/3 is still on the cycle. They have survived and living longer.

      What was the other alternative? Would have died already after going thru CHEMO and ZEMSAR?

      There are NO SIDE EFFECTS REPORTED in any of their Trials. VERY SAFE INDEED. What has NOT occured in PH 1 & PH 2 will not happen on PH 3.

      Some other company, I don't think there is one. Look at CRIS they have a product like this one, but a long way to go. They have alliance with Genentech!

      All the other ones chemo, intravaneous.


      DNDN is the worst of all (treatment complexity/cost)

    • As for as SOMX JMHO!

      Please do your DD!

    • I think there is great potential here, but there is always risk. I will mention a few, but I probably will be missing some. I think these risks are not likely, but possible. Remember at this point I am long, but have less shares than you.

      1) The phase 3 trials do not show the results in patients that were hoped for.
      2) Unexpected side effects so severe that approval will not occur.
      3) Some other company comes out with a product that beats out CYCC's products.

    • I've also invested on many bios. I had ONTY and sold it recently in favour of CYCC. I hold QCOR, DYAX, VICL and few others too.

      What I like here is,

      (a) NOT A FLY BY NIGHT COMPANY - Almost 10-12 years
      (b) we can get trade data in 2004, stock was around 60-70 $ a piece (r/s adj)

      (c) Tipping point right now. PHIIb concluded, results per presentation looks great, we need to get the PR, SPA to be filed with FDA this month.
      (d) has adequate cash
      (e) Pipelines looks great
      (f) Scientists are all experienced.

      As for as stock manipulation, this is HUGELY MANIPULATED stock from dayone, go and look at the post.

      This time I'm sure this is not going to work.

      As for as SOMX, it is a one trick pony. Short covering is over. Mkt for their products is very low. It is NOT WORTH THE RISK!

      GLTA LONGS!!

    • Pete I think is talking about SOMX?

    • dude, this is a bio tech company, there is always a risk involved in investing in any bio tech comp...I think this is the risk he is talking about...

    • katz, I'm just wondering what sort of risks you are talking about?

      besides the general ones like market tanks?

    • suckstradin... Sorry I didn't get back to you. I wasn't snubbing you. The hedge makes money. I don't think they could run it down past 2.00 without all kinds of buyers stepping in? So they got it close and then gathered all kinds of peeps on the way to 2.45 and just used that walk about to gather and cover.

      I was just thinking about the MCAP on this one?

      Cyclacel Pharmaceuticals, Inc. NASDAQ-GM

      Institutional New Positions Description | Hide Summary

      Company Details
      Total Shares Out Standing (millions): 31

      Market Capitalization ($ millions): $70

      Institutional Ownership: 29.1%

      Price (as of 1/25/2010) 2.22

      Ownership Analysis # Of Holders Shares
      Total Shares Held: 20 9,147,363

      New Positions: 3 4,042,979

      Increased Positions: 6 4,307,135

      Decreased Positions: 10 267,777

      Holders With Activity: 16 4,574,912

      Sold Out Positions: 9 265,447

      With an MCAP of 70 Million @ a PPS of 2.22 is way undervalued.

      With just 30% of a Billion dollar a year market that would generate 333 million gross or a 100 million net.

      Trading at 10 times forward earnings that would put the company at a Billion domllars MCAP or a PPS of 1000/70 = 14.28

      Times the level its now trading at? 14.28 X 2.22 = PPS of $31.70?

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