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  • bull.profits bull.profits Apr 25, 2010 3:54 PM Flag

    Anyone like money? Interested in a good shot at 30% roi in 2 months or less?

    TZA is a 3x short the Russell 2000 ETF. The Russell 2000 chart is facing VERY STRONG resistance at 750. RUT is at 741 now so we are close. I started positioning into a TZA a tad trade too early but my idiocy can help your precision. Once the RUT ticks 750 though (it might go a little over but do NOT be fooled -- this market, the DJIA, SPX, NASD, RUT is so damn overbought on the charts that it is incredible!!!), the talking heads on TV will be screaming about this "great new bull market" blah blah blah. Ignore them and buy TZA at that euphoric and bullish moment because 750 will basically be the top for a long time. It could go sideways for a week or two at that level but the RUT is likely going to dip, after hitting the 750s, back down at least 8-10%. This means, if you bought TZA right as the RUT hit 750, you will make 24-30% return on TZA as it is 3x short.

    I will be making the biggest confidence bet of my trading career when the RUT ticks into the 750s this week. Boyz, it will take balls but this is a unique buying opp for 24-30% return on investment in a very short time. The market has been grinding up slowly from the 200 dma on the RUT weekly but it will pull back to that 200 dma on said weekly, likely giving you 30% if you back up the truck on TZA at RUT 750 this coming week.

    JMHO but I feel so confident with this one. If anyone wants to talk trading, my e-mail addy is this handle at yahoo dot com.

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