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  • irc203 irc203 Sep 25, 2010 12:17 PM Flag

    Partnership/Sale of Rights

    I would not be surprised to see a partnership agreement for the development of Sapacitabine for AML, MDS and NSCLC with a major pharmaceutical company that included the sale of rights to market Sapacitabine outside the US in exchange for cash, milestone payments and royalties. A deal like that would provide CYCC the cash needed to aggressively develop Seliciclib.

    Anyone want to estimate what the cash payments would total and what that would do to the share price overnight? My guess is the share price would jump to somewhere in the 20 to 31 range overnight.

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    • IRC,

      If anything comes now, my guess would be a buyout, because as you pointed out, no real need right now for a partnership. When the news comes out before the end of this year, I think the buyout offers will be rolling in.

      And as far as an estimated price, I think it will be huge! How do you put a price on their existing products, which seem to work for everything from Asthma to Alzheimers and then try and put a value on the drugs in the pipeline, in trials now, around the world?

      That would come out to a big number,

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      • Step 3 of the business plan per their website:

        3: Enter into partnering arrangements selectively, while developing our own sales and marketing capability.

        Cyclacel retains all marketing rights to the compounds associated with the current clinical-stage drug programs. To optimize our commercial return, we intend to develop our sales and marketing capability to market the products ourselves and/or enter into selected partnering arrangements initially retaining co-promotion rights. Generally we develop compounds through the Phase 2 proof-of-efficacy stage before seeking a partner. We may be prepared to enter into partnering arrangements earlier in connection with drug programs outside the current oncology core competency.

        Time for CYCC to walk the walk. Developing a sales and marketing capability to co promote Sapacitabine to some degree makes sense, but time is money. Cyclacel does not have the time or money to maximize profitability without a partner. Come on Spiro, it is time to walk the walk.

    • Management may be waiting for data on Seliciclib before entering into a partnership agreement for Sapacitabine. If the data looked good, the agreement for Sapacitabine could include the sale of a minority interest in CYCC. The partner should then be willing to pay much, much more cash for Sapacitabine and the shares. Or the agreement could cover the development of Seliciclib to some extent without including the sale of shares. Anyway you slice it, the potential upside for CYCC is incredible!

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      • Dai-ichii which sold Sapacitabine to CYCC, still holds the right of First Refusal for Sapacitabine in Japan for all indications.

        CYCC could monetize this asset since it has come upto PH 3 level. A 50-100 MLN payout from Dai-Ichi will do the trick at this juncture. On top of Dai-Ichi can go further for world wide rights for a bigger amount and CYCC can have the rights for Europe and Americas.

        In fact Cyclacel paid over 50 MLN $$ + for this compound to Dai-ichi! Read the AR 2010 to find out the exact payments!

        GLTA LONGS!

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