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  • wesleydoctor wesleydoctor Dec 6, 2012 10:14 AM Flag


    do the D&D

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    • Check Historical Prices on Yahoo:
      Oct 31 6.70 close
      Nov 1 7.15
      Nov 2 7.50

      Where's the plummet???

      Sentiment: Hold

    • I found article by going to Google putting in CYCC and 7 people died. It took me to Seeking article Nov 1st. Then I went to chart and saw what happened after the article and it sank.

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      • Hey, witch doctor larry playing checkers not chess spreading lies, you'll be wiped out on Monday!

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      • Dude,

        You are an idiot. All patients would have dies within two months without any treatment. Do your research; they were the walking dead that didn't respond to other therapies. Not only did they have old age against them, they were in their late 70's, but they also had AML which left them and their immune systems totally ravaged.
        7died out of 100, not too bad. I'd take that risk if I was going to be dead in the next two to three months. I'd take 7 out of 20 if I had two months to live.
        Two million shares traded yesterday by short term traders who took their profits today.
        They may mark the stock down tomorrow with the hopes that if the news isn't spectacular then the stock will get pounced on by shorts and long sellers. Problem is, there isn't that many shares to short.
        If the survival rate carries through, and there is a very good chance it does, then you will be covering or trying to short more shares 4 to 8 points higher.
        If the news is good, expect funds to start buying the stock and taking it up into the 20's over the next few months.
        Then expect a partnership, for another 4 points added to the stock, and eventually an FDA approval. See you at 50, and I hope you're still short your few hundred shares so it will cost you $10,000.00 to cover for being an idiot.

    • You post for Charity shorty? Nope you have to buy to cover or want in cheap... News flash this is cheap wait till Monday

    • People were dying of cancer this treatment works... They are dead without it. Pay up cause Monday it's $18 or more

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