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  • jk4763 jk4763 Dec 16, 2012 6:30 AM Flag

    what are we missing why people are eager to short CYCC

    market cap under 60 million.... Is this really too rich of a company ? I would have thought by now CYCC would have a 200-300 million cap and then it may be worth a short... some folks out there are betting cycc is a bust.... what are we not seeing in cycc that the shorts are ?

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    • Don't assume that shorts must know something you don't. It could very well be some robo-shorting without any fundamental insight. The bigger issue is the huge and growing OI in calls - it is more than the latest reported short position. Do they know something you don't? Take just December 5 calls - OI dipped just a little bit on the rise to $8, but then was back up to new highs above 6k in no time. Given so little time to expiration looks like most of these 6k calls would be exercised. Maybe buying those calls was a way for an institution to start a position.

      Oh and if there was any doubt that it was the shorts buying the calls, there is no more doubt. Why pay 15% or more interest instead of exercising the calls. So, call buyers are not shorts, they are longs.

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    • It is clearly a move to try and manipulate a low float stock with a huge up side with good news coming. Don't forget the naked shorts that were just exposed.

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