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  • duedilligence213 duedilligence213 Oct 12, 2013 11:35 AM Flag


    I dont mind a legit bear argument but you need to point out specific points. What in the data presented so far by the researchers points to failure? So far we see a safe and effective oral oncology drug candidate in SAP. Data for RMDS appears outstanding based on the 63 patient phase 2 trial. Phase 3 AML is on track to be completed next year. You have to examine the data and tell us what is flawed about it. All looks good to me based on all data points examined. Find me a similar micro cap bio company trading at twice cash with an oncolgoy drug that has generated as much data as we have on SAP because I will be glad to review the company and buy if it looks as promising as CYCC looks at these prices.

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    • i am not nearly smart enough to analyze scientific data. what i am smart enough is knowing stock price, market cap,p/e's. Im sorry to sound negative on CYCC however a company that has reversed split its stock twice, diluted heavy at the lowest price possible and trades at near 0 value less cash is a no brainer. if it pops on some fluff pr my advice is to dump it. At this point in the game the poor market cap spells trouble imo.. wall street
      and BP are not interested in it.

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      • Why are you here bashing constantly. Based on prior remarks about you buying in the $3.90s, it appears to me that you are trying to talk the stock down so you can buy lower. Why bother posting when what you say is nonsense? CYCC is pretty much a company ignored by WS but that has nothing to do with BP interests. You compare apples to oranges when you say what wall street thinks has anything to do with what BP thinks.

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    • its actually 124 patients in the phase 2 study.

      The october 12 2012 pr on cycc's web site shows there were 2 groups of ~ 60 patients. (Arms A-C and arms G-H)

      Not sure what happened to Arms D-E :)

      My take on the RMDS is that it has more potential than sapa/AML in the front line, but don't see any surprises coming from the data to be released.

      The question (to me) is how does Spiro fund phase 3. Does he partner it or dilute?


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      • Obviously he should partner it. Why wouldnt he partner it? Why would a partner have a lack of interest with this type of data? Does Spiro have poor negotiating skills? I can see not partnering for AML because BP not willing to pay what Spiro wanted so he diluted. Why would Spiro say there has been unsolicited interest by BP and before that buy $600k of stock if he expected to dilute? Spiro has stated that there are sufficient funds for p3 AML and so long as he is CEO he will not dilute stock ever again. That would be like asking to lose money,

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