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  • hoopfan_2001 hoopfan_2001 Oct 12, 2013 6:07 PM Flag

    CYCC value

    Much has been written about the imminent rise of cycc to $5 and ultimately to $30 and higher. This maybe true and several bulls on this board give a very compelling case for such a rise. The intimate knowledge of oncology sounds very impressive and I really don't question their expertise. That being said the thing that bothers me most about this stock is nobody on wall street recognizes the value.

    If this stock had such a great pipeline other "experts" would be starting to propel this gem upward. Since that is not happening the only thing this stock deserves is a very small investment because the odds are you will lose a significant portion of that investment. I maybe wrong but I don't think so but time will tell.

    Be careful and don't get caught up in all the hype.

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    • "..nobody on wall street recognizes the value". Even with the recent rise, the market cap is less than $100M - combine that with the messed up capital structure (now mostly cleaned up) and dilutive offerings over the past few years and this is not a company any Wall St firm would even sniff at. There are plenty of companies that have had compelling technology that were ignored by Wall St for one reason or another, but have risen from the ashes to become billion $ market caps. I'm not saying CYCC is definitely one of them, but assessing the company's prospects based on Wall St's recognition is ignorant.

    • The problem here is that there is no hype. There isn't even any decent attention. As it stands today, Cyclacel should be sporting a $200 milion market cap and not $60 million. This is a fact. Do your research and do your home work and yes ignore any hype.

    • This stock will be the fastest appreciating investment in biotech Q1 of 2014. It starts with the MDS data release in December. Janney Montgomery is a $52B capital management team that jumped on board three days after my article release. Janney Montgomery is Wall Street.

      In December, every Wall Street analyst and their mother will be touting this stock. By then though, it will be too late.

      Buy now and buy often!

      Michael Webb

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • michael I don't mean to burst your bubble but I want you to know that some of my biggest losses was on stocks I got into after reading SA articles that were dead wrong on the author's predictions. Your article baited me into the stock because I used to own CYCC and was underwater for a year until I was able to bail last fall on the MDS PR pop to the $8s. My timing was great on that exit but it usually stinks. There have been past authors on SA talking about CYCC going up and they have all been wrong so far. Maybe this time it is different but even as you say there remains a lot of risk such as if any adverse effects are found by the DSMB. Look at ARIA. Their drug for leukemia was already FDA approved when additional trials found blood clots to be a problem and the stock was decimated. Knowing my luck something like this can come up and suddenly CYCC goes from the $4s to the $1s in a heart beat. The next hurdle is if SEAMLESS fails. We wont know until we hear the interim results and they are still a ways off. Point I'm making is that although we would like everything to go right and the stock to reach that $9 target, we still own a very risky investment.

        Sentiment: Hold

      • Moses, keep your ego in check, the waters will part with you or without you.
        P.S I still find your posts educational.

      • great words from a paid pumper.

    • My observations have been completely different than yours. I am always amazed how wrong Wall Street much of the time is in any stock. That is why the street is almost always overvalues or undervalues stocks, because Mr. Market simply is not very smart in the long run. I've seen stocks become ten bangers in months (VPHM). I've seen stocks selling at 1/3 their cash liquidation values (AVNX comes to mind). The thing with the market is you need to be in it when your stock takes off. And lets not forget that Spiro invest another 300K cash not that long ago at 3. He did that for himself, not to promote CYCC. Who would no better than he the potential here?

    • thank you.. that is what i've been trying to say all along. lifetolive cant stand the fact that this drug will
      probably fail based upon 1.) horribly low market cap 2.) no partnership 3.) zero interest by wall street
      these 3 important factors outweigh all the scientific jargen given by lifetolive..... He or she and mastino
      are the only ones in the world with such knowledge ? as i said i hope i am wrong but i feel this drug will
      never make it to market. One last time , if it was as good as lifetolive says then BP would want a big
      part of it. gl..

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      • Every post you make further shows your ignorance. Drugs fail based on patient outcomes from regulatory agency approved trials. If the drug fails clinical trials then, and only then, does your doomsday scenario play out. However, some drugs gets approvals in other countries and not in the U.S. and some get approved after amending their clinical trials and resubmitting. Your intentions are made clearer with every post. I recommend you focus on getting your G.E.D and doing something meaningful with your life.

      • BP wont partner a drug until they have adequate data to support a licensing deal. I have seen many a small cap bought out at a premium for decent phase 2 data. CYCC could be bought out after the p2 RMDS final data gets released. The income potential far exceeds the AML indication. This is where BP steps a lot regarding small bios. SAP could be bought for all potential indications, If BP isnt interested in an acquisition then Spiro would most likely wait for interim data which would give him the best deal. At the earliest a deal could happen after the next safety review which can happen any day now. The fact that Spiro had to dilute stock in the past was because they didnt have enough data to more clearly support SAP/SIL. for any deals. Now they do. You should be looking forwards not backwards.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

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