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  • wentworthmelanie wentworthmelanie Dec 18, 2013 2:56 PM Flag

    Nothing has changed . same old corrupt Spiro

    I started petitions back in September - November and a lot of longs in this board told em that by december, the stock would have doubled.

    Nothing has changed - except a a couple of clinical trial updates.

    Spiro has not changed at all. I called even today, and as usual, no one responded. I called again and asked for investor relations and they said "someone will get back to you shortly" I told the person"I have been expecting a call since September 29th 2013"

    The hopefuls have now changed the time frame - now they are saying, it will be Q1 2014.

    Q1 2014 will pass, and it will be Q2 2014

    Same old story for the last 6-9 months.

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    • New to this board and don't know your background. I am worried more about their "technology". It's probably the most foolish and bizarre "technology" I have ever heard in terms of cancer therapy.

    • What do you see happening here? More decline in price? More dilution? I was of the mind that this company is in a pretty solid position given it's cash and stage of development. I'm really not sure why it's so cheap right now, and I do expect a higher share price. But if there's something that I don't know, I'd love to hear about it sooner than later. If the CEO is incompetent, then it doesn't matter what's in the pipeline, I suppose.

      Sentiment: Hold

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      • I have been in this stock for sometime now.

        Do not listen to all these "Excited" longs. They are not true longs. All these have either got in at 4.20+ or 5+. So naturally they are pumped up and believing Spiro and his crooks will make a great deal. People like me and a few others know the reality and we don't dream like others (it's good to dream though) The real truth is: Spiro has shown a consistent pattern of releasing confusing press releases and blunt conference calls. Obviously, he neither has talent nor leadership and his only goal is to get through with their lead candidate on AML (which they have progressed a lot at the expense of retail investors)

        In the eyes of new longs, we appear to be whiners or shorts :) ha ha. The truth of the matter still remains the same. No one knows what this guy will do. Can you predict the behaviour of a mad monkey? Spiro will not give any information, but want the people to blindly believe and invest in his company. Wall street hates that and which is why you don't have a good % of Mutual fund or institutional ownership.

        Most of the people who are in this stock are either day to day penny traders or figure out a bottom and sell on any uptick or news. Less than 10% survived the two reverse splits. Even after the two reverse splits, the so called longs suffered as the stock price went down from 6 to 3.8 now.

        The company may end up with a good drug, but because of the company CEO and his management, the stock will never see its true value.

        I will be called a Whiner or a angry long or a short. :) ha ha

      • Just a lot of whiners or shorts bashing the CEO because he hasn't delivered a licensing deal and the stock has gone down a lot the past 2 weeks. Nothing has changed fundamentally.

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