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  • zalomonbro zalomonbro Dec 4, 2009 12:00 AM Flag

    In China go with the safest stocks

    Yongye has run decently and with todays secondary now that runs may take a breeth. I also own SIHI which has just announced tripling their largest warehouse in HK. Morgan Stanley believes in a 2010 goldilock scenarion for China. I think sihi will do great providing to the mobile phone market.

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    • Where is the news about secondary? I don't see it anywhere.

    • if you like the mobile phone market, you should check out TSTC

    • and micro-cap Chinese stocks in the same sentence is an oxymoron...

    • So what does SinoHub do that makes it so safe?

      SinoHub, Inc. engages in the electronic component sales and electronic component supply chain management (SCM) services in the People’s Republic of China and Hong Kong.

      Electronic components safer than agriculture products? That's a new one.

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      • You may change your mind after listening to the presentation held in Miami a few months back. The procurement market for mobile electronics is estimated at 172 billion. They have a tiny piece which is growing fast. Their advantage: they have streamlined the import/custom procedures making it faster and cheaper for the designers/manufacturers to acquire their components. Because of their large database they have no competition and because of their custom contacts very few can do what they are doing.

        Consumer demand is a miniscule component of the chinese economy so the upside is literally gigantic. Sinohub supplies parts to the second tier mobile phone market and they have already began to look into the automobile parts market. Both segments are growing by leaps and bounds. Sinohub will be at the center of this consumer storm. Chinese local consumption is far far safer than any agricultural product by order of magnitudes.

        Monsanto has already started exploring growing soybeans in Africa. Soon they will come up with the proper seeds together with the cheapest land and cheapest labor available. See new large supply hitting the market within 5 years as prices collapse. By that time, the chinese market for mobile phones and cars will have far exceeded anything you could have imagined.

    • Thanks! I moved some money over there. Interesting business model.