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  • jimmydugan503 jimmydugan503 Mar 19, 2010 6:49 PM Flag

    Looks like to me...

    that all the Yong drunks have passed out..Woosies...Cool!!!!! get your head off the bar!TJ!!!!! Someone pick TJ up..Erik, I'm sorry you lost both arms in a chainsaw accident today...Get over it! You can be my sparring partner..Where the hell is the bartender? Edmundo? Edmundough? Doh! Oh, he's out back in the alley with that little Brazilian guttersnipe. Certainly not management material..

    There's not enough lignite to save us...I'm doing the best I can Captain... More lignite!!Put her on full FULVIC!!! Aye Aye Captain...

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    • Hey JimmyD,
      Sorry to disappoint our betting circuit. EriKarju vs. fallen apple tree is postponed. The Lovely One intervened and told me (Friday after 6 PM) that I better get some of my stuff off the tree, or she calls the neighbors to help. At that point I had already followed the advice from that Oregon dude and used two iron wedges to widen the gap where my chain was stuck. Well, they got in and got stuck. A saw chain plus two wedges. This incident happened around 3 PM.
      Tree 3, Erikarju 0.

      I got creative. First I got my even bigger sledge hammer (why do I own two, don’t remember) into action and removed the wedges. Fine. I thought that I could use my Audi’s jack to relive the pressure in the gap. No luck. The tree was too heavy and the jack just sank in. Then the arm of the jack got stuck, and I was forced to leave the jack where it was. This was around 4 PM.
      Tree 4, Erikarju 0.

      Pressure to get some results was increasing. I went and got my 2-ton ratchet winch (why do I own one, in addition to 500 pound belt one?) and put one steel cable around the heaviest trunk branch of the tree, the other cable around the branch where my stuff was stuck in. The idea was that I could create tension into the right direction, widen the gap and pick off my stuck chain. I did get tension, enough to lock my winch so tight that I could not release the ratchet. And the chain was still stuck; Audi’s jack was still under the tree. This was around 5 PM.
      Tree 5, Erikarju 0.

      Panic was setting in. I got my Skil circular saw off the workbench (why do I have a wood working bench?), got extension cord, wired everything up and gave the tree triumphant look: Skil saw has never let me down. Well, it did. It got stuck. This was around 6 PM.
      Tree 6, Erikarju 0.

      The Lovely One came home, found me sitting and crying on the hillside. She walked to the fallen tree, took a long look at the chain, the wrench, the jack and my Skil saw. Then she walked quietly back to patio, turned around and gave me the above mentioned ultimatum. That gave me, as you can guess, the needed extra energy to yank my Skil saw off the tree trunk. I walked in,waving the Skil saw in my hand. Just when I was closing the door behind me I heard her voice: “Is this going to be one of your forever projects. I mean you have bought all this stuff and nothing seems to happen. We have 80 pounds of concrete mix in the shed…”.

      I closed the door.

    • thats what happens when one starts drinking at noon! ha!ha!
      you know JimmyD, owning this stock is not easy...a true test of patience and discipline...good thing I don't need the money for awhile...

      ...just a little note to tickle your fancy...who do you think got caught with there pants down holding FUQI?..yes sirre bobby..LLAM...he was pumping the mother fucker yesterday on their board before the additional beat-down today! that was an incredibly ugly bloodbath!...just goes to show you the inherent risks in the market, and reinforces my trading style of always taking profits into a rally!

      ...anyway, nice to see your posting again, as you have been sorely missed...and as always brother, have a good weekend and PBWY...oh, and order me up another Sauza Shengmingsu:-)cool

    • Guys I told you this guy Jimmay can go berserk if he drank too much Makers. I tried to hide it from him...

      Hey that Brazilian guttersnipe was super fine and you are just jealous. She was just applying for a job in the bar and I was interviewing her in the alley ok?

      Jimmay, I need more lignite, now! How long? We don't how that long! What can you give me before the YONG shield is completely down?

      Ok got to go. GF is unhappy. It's Friday and it's happy time and I shouldn't be on the board. Happy weekend everyone!