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  • nypd2726 nypd2726 Jun 8, 2010 8:50 AM Flag

    no free cash flow at this company

    K, YOU'RE BACK!!!!!!!

    I was away for the weekend. I returned home yesterday a few minutes before the market closed. Happy I didn't see another day of agony. Anyway, I was too lazy to catch up on all the posts, but did read something about your mother being ill (?).... Is everything okay now? I hope so.

    Anyway, happy to see you've returned. You were sorely missed, my friend.


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    • Hi Steve,

      glad to see that you haven't taken one way swim on Atlantic. I was so worried about you that I kept checking Helsingin Sanomat (Finnish newsie) about mysterious shipping accidents off Florida.

      Yup, momma is okay now - sort of - she's 88 years old and getting creaky and cranky plus requiring so called medical maintenance more often than is good for one's mental well being.