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  • ddolson4664 ddolson4664 Sep 8, 2010 4:52 PM Flag

    I miss the old board.

    This was such a nice friendly place to hang out. I'm sitting here having my first scotch & water for the day. I've been on and off on the martinis lately. One 6 oz. martini gets you on too much of a head start on happy hour. I must have flunked portion control in mixology class. Guess I better post something about stocks as this in the finance board. The whole China small cap sector has been in the pits lately. I think we've got a good chance to get a fall/winter rally after the 3rd qtr reports come out in November and end up with a merry Christmas. Surely, this post won't be one to merit a response from our new "know it all" posters. I guess I won't know, as I keep putting them on ignore as soon as they change their moniker daily. Any of you regulars lurking in the shadows?

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    • Me too DD! I have been out on vacation for a week and just got back and looks like it may be a little worse then before I left. I have never been much of "poster" more of a lurker but I have always loved this board because of the great conversation about not only Yong but other stocks as well. Oh and the occasional conversations about alcohol and random chatter that really had nothing to do with investing or Yong but always a good laugh from reading them!

    • Testing... Yahoo is acting up again and my posts cannot go through.

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      • Loud and clear!

        Yep...I would shoot myself if there was not an ignore button! Glad you guys are still lurking. I did pick up 1000 more shares yesterday. If YONG goes below 7 I may have to pick up some more. I'm breaking every investing common sense law with YONG, but I believe long term I will be rewarded.

        I wish I could be drinking right now!

    • "This was such a nice friendly place to hang out."

      You're right.....

      Unfortunately, it's turned into a looney bin of late. That's why I choose to just sit on the sidelines for the time being. I think I've put about 10-15 posters on 'ignore' over the past two weeks.

      I was especially amazed at the idiot who posted earlier that he/she was so thrilled that CAGC was taking such a beating today. I guess he/she likes seeing people get hurt.

      Too bad he/she treats this like a f-g baseball team he/she is rooting against.